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Frontiers Records Signs Edge Of Paradise To Multi-Album Deal

Fans of the Frontiers Records label and the exciting Metal band Edge Of Paradise will be stoked at the news that the band has been signed to a multi-album deal. Read on down to the full press release below and I’ll return at the close with some editorial rumblings.

edge of paradise logo

The Press Release:
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of another incredible metal act, Los Angeles, CA based Edge of Paradise to the label’s roster for a multi-album deal.

Formed by singer Margarita Monet and guitarist Dave Bates in 2011, Edge of Paradise debuted on the scene a few months later with “Mask”, an album of industrial-tinged metal coupled with soaring vocal hooks, which was warmly received by critics and fans alike.

edge of paradise 2019

After the release of ‘Mask’ and touring all over the West Coast, the group immediately began writing another album. By 2013, the band had started recording with Grammy Award winning producer Bob Kulick (Kiss, Motorhead) and working with the legendary Michael Wagener (Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row) on the mix of their new songs. ‘Perfect Shade Of Black’ EP was the result of these sessions. The EP received rave reviews, painting a vivid picture of the bands staggering growth.
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“Alive” (Single) by Edge Of Paradise

Artist: Edge Of Paradise
Title: “Alive” (Single)
Label: ILS Group
Release Date: 2/4/2017
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

A few days ago I got to share the brand new music video from the band Edge Of Paradise with their song “Alive” and in those narratives I prefer to speak about the clip more than I do the song itself since it’s a different aspect in my mind. Now let’s quickly go over the track so you can decide if you want to add it to your music library.

I found this to be slightly different from the stuff that the band has done in the recent past and there was a strong move to what we hear in a lot of other Metal bands today with the presence of a growling vocal in the back on some of the lines. Overall the riffs by Bates are sound as well as the lead break and Margarita plays with a few different styles of her melodic register. At some points she is a subtle and sensual whisper and then she soars to the skies. There is an almost Industrial feel to some of the track based on the way the rhythm plays out and overall it’s a very straightforward tune. I liked but didn’t “love” it per se, but that is just be being on the fussy side. It’s good to find the band aiming at growth.
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Edge Of Paradise Unveils New Music Video For “Alive”

The other day I learned that California’s own Edge Of Paradise had released a brand new video for a song called “Alive”. The tune will be on a forthcoming EP but we can address that later. Here is the video that was directed by Val Rassi.

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“Shade Of Crazy” (Single) by Edge Of Paradise

Artist: Edge Of Paradise
Title: “Shade Of Crazy” (Single)
Label: Edge Of Paradise
Release Date: 7/18/2016
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

When we last heard from California’s Edge Of Paradise it was with their well-received full-length album “Immortal Waltz” and since we will have a little bit of a wait for another album, the band has wisely dished out a brand new single with “Shade Of Crazy”. I downloaded this the other day and wanted to tell you about it so here we go. The tune begins with some conventional riffing that is nice and solid and Monet’s vocals are softer and almost ethereal for the introductory verses. That doesn’t remain the case of course when she gets to showcasing her soaring register.
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Edge Of Paradise Unveil Summer Tour Dates For 2016

Logo - Edge Of Paradise

We’ve been fans of the band Edge Of Paradise for a few years now here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ and the other day while perusing their Official Facebook Page, I noticed a batch of tour dates had been posted so I wanted to share the artwork for that so you fans could be on point if they were heading to your town. I didn’t retype the dates since they are rather clear in this poster so check it out below. Don’t worry I will be back to discuss a little more.

Tour - Edge Of Paradise - Summer 2016

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Alright my NYC fiends, as you can see the band does not seem to have anything locked in for our region across these span of dates but that is fine I am sure they will make it back here soon enough. I caught them a couple of years ago at a cool space down on the Bowery (the Bowery Electric to be precise) and they rocked it. Once you get the taste of a gig in the Big Metal Apple you know you are going to come back as fast as it is humanly possible. Of course you fans of the band can barrage their social networks demanding an appearance (in the nicest way possible of course since there is no need to be nasty here). I’m sure that a rallying call to Metal arms like that will firm up the bands resolve to pay us a visit. Now, you lucky fans who are in those regions let me ask you this question……will you be on point and screaming loud? Let us know your answers in the comments section below.
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