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Out Now: Hasbro’s “Marvel Legends” Guardians Of The Galaxy V2 “Titus” Build-A-Figure

Photos of this latest set of the Marvel Legends series have been making the rounds since being revealed at the SDCC 2016 but the first time that I ever saw them on the shelves was the other day when I snapped my photos while shopping at my local comic book shop. The premise of the set is “Guardians Of The Galaxy” Vol. 2 and they’ve arrived just in time since the film opens up in a couple of weeks and its something that I am very excited about. I loved the first film and cannot wait to see where they take these characters this time. There are “7” figures making up this set and they are Drax, Yondu, Vance Astro, Angela (not pictured), Darkhawk, Nova and Star-Lord. Okay some of the characters are from the GOTG comics only but that is fine by me. Each of these figures (except the Star-Lord one) include a piece of the Titus character who is someone that I didn’t know about at all until I penned this little narrative. Apparently he is a villain of Nova and is a cybernetic tiger sort of thing. When I first saw the image on the back of the packaging I thought that we were getting Man-Wolf. He would make a nice addition to the Marvel Legends series because we do already have a cool Morbius. The pics were taken at Galaxy Comics in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and you can check out their Yelp right HERE.

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