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Power Windows (Rush Tribute) @ Double D’s (1/28/2005)

Logo - Power Windows

Artist: Power Windows
Venue: Double D’s (Morristown, NJ)
Date: 1/28/2005

“The Reunion Show”

A little over a year ago, the Rush Tribute band “Power Windows” ceased to exist as a performing entity and disbanded. When this happened the fans of this Prog-Metal Homage felt the sting quite hard for after all we had been supporting them a good 11 years or longer if memory serves me correctly. For me, this was particularly hard as not only did I become a fervent supporter of the group, but I also got involved in bringing the band to my neck of the wood in Brooklyn as well as announce them when the time came to rock. Fond memories, in more cases than not. When news of their Reunion show came to pass I knew that I must attend. The venue would be Double D’s out in Morristown New Jersey, now before I go any further you might be asking why report on a Tribute band in the first place. Well, for the readers of a Progressive Rock/Metal site the answer is quite clear as in addition to having players from Ten Ton Tide, we have Joe Bergamini and Zak Rizvi from 4Front. Joe B. has also been very busy as the new drummer for a reunited “Happy The Man”, the very influential Progressive band who has been playing shows and recording once again.
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