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“Crush.Fukk.Create: Requiem for Generation Armageddon” by Behemoth

Artist: Behemoth
Title: “Crush, Fukk, Create: Reqiuem For Generation Armageddon”
Label: Regain Records
Release Date: 5/31/2005
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

“Crush-Fukk-Create” is the second DVD from Polish Death Metal juggernauts Behemoth and in many cases is a step in the right direction from their last one, “The Art Of Rebellion”. I remembered that I enjoyed that release primarily because we had no Behemoth DVD until then, but having seen this band perform live and knowing what they are capable of made it simply laughable to watch them in front of an audience that for the most part was sitting down. Sitting down during a Behemoth show? You would hardly think such a thing possible but that’s what we got. On “CFC” we find two full appearances of the band that were filmed a little later in their career and while the audience is not as insane as some that I have been immersed in myself, they were certainly more lively than the ones on the previous film. The first concert finds Behemoth performing at Party San Open Air in 2003, and they call this segment “Live Pandemonium”. The band is on fire and for those who are watching them in today’s Metal world they will not see guitarist Seth, but instead find Havok ripping up the strings. Orion is there as is the ever present Inferno and I admit that I loved seeing the drummer spit fire a few times from behind his kit. You don’t see this happening all that often in the States based on fire laws, but in Europe this seems to be more of a common practice. Nergal breathes fire as well during the other show, so I guess the task is not assigned to one member alone. I liked this concert the best since it was the closest to the Behemoth that I found myself getting into a couple of years ago and during a song break leader Nergal speaks to the crowd and tells them of their two album deal with Regain Records in Europe and in the USA with Century Media Records.
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