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Enter The Haggis @ The Knitting Factory (4/2/2005)

Logo - Enter The Haggis

Artist: Enter The Haggis
Venue: Knitting Factory – NYC
Opener: n/a
Date: 4-2-2005

When one describes music as Progressive, the term can be used very broadly and very widely. Often the results are something quite interesting. Today I am using Toronto residents “Enter The Haggis” as an example who mix Celtic styles and instruments with Rock music. The end result is a whole lot of fun and the other day when the NY Caledonian Society hosted an event that would tie up at the Knitting Factory the fun continued. The Society was celebrating “Tartan Week” a big festival and appreciation of their Scottish culture and to make it a night worth remembering the organizer brought “Enter The Haggis” down from their native Canada.

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