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“Hell To The Unknown” (remaster) by Cronos

Artist: Cronos
Title: Hell To The Unknown: Anthology (remaster)
Label: Sanctuary Records
Release Date: 12-9-2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

After fronting Venom for nine years, lead singer/bassist Conrad Lant aka Cronos would leave the band and start his own project simply called “Cronos”. The band would release three albums over their rather short career – “Dancing In The Fire” (1990), “Rock & Roll Disease” (1991) and “Venom” (1995). The first two featured completely new original material from the musician while the third release would find him revisit and re-record some Venom classics with his new band. The other two recordings that preceded this would be Metal, but they would not be the exact same fashion that his core fans might have expected of him. The title Anthology is misleading for while it usually refers to a release that has the best of the artist over the span of their catalog, this one instead features all of the music from the three Cronos recordings. This completeness factor makes the album a must have for any discerning Venom or Cronos fan and all of the tracks have been remastered by Cronos himself.
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