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“Conquer The World” by Mortification

Artist: Mortification
Title: “Conquer The World”
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Release Date: 5/13/2008
Genre: Christian Metal
Rating: 3/5

Thrash Metal riffs and Death Metal growling vocals are not always the first aspects that come to mind in a Christian Metal band but such was indeed the case when it came to the band Mortification from Australia. The DVD “Conquer The World” is a reissue of their original VHS release from 2002 that documented the bands first ever world tour and should be something that their most ardent of fans will eat up. The band was formed by bassist/singer Steve Rowe back in 1990 and over the years would release some twenty albums and become innovators in the Christian Metal genre based on the different manner in which they delivered their music and the message behind it. Clearly the band didn’t approach this in the same fashion as Stryper for where they would have high-pitched screams all over the place. Mortification instead chose a far darker and much more primal sound to their Metal style and as result was able to be considered the most Extreme Christian Metal band in music history. The video is good but not great as much of the footage is shot in an amateur fashion but then again based on its time of original release and when the clips actually originated that is to be expected. Sometimes the camera work is dizzying based on the sudden pans to the audience and then back to the band. When one watches this they realize just how far the medium has come in terms of documenting live music. For the most part the footage is live shots of the band in performance and while it’s nice to see we do not always get treated to the full songs.
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