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Presenting “PiercingMetal Contests” Yay! Whee! Huzzah! Wow!


It’s with great pleasure that I present to you a brand new shiny part of the PiercingMetal Musings Blog with the “PiercingMetal Contests” Category and I’ll admit right now that I’m super excited about this because it works for the fans and the website on a number of different levels. Now the contest stuff is nothing new as I’ve been doing a number of concert ticket giveaways via our Official Facebook Page for the site since around 2009 for the B.B. King’s and Highline Ballroom venues. To make it even better, the folks over at Livenation started giving us a number of shows to offer our readers earlier in 2012 and I have greatly enjoyed working with their people and there have been a couple of instances where the Excess DB Entertainment group has tossed their hat into the mix – Whew. If you have not been following this stuff already just take a look at the list of coolness that we have given away so far….
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