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“The Mechanical Hand” by HORSE The Band

Artist: HORSE The Band
Title: “The Mechanical Hand”
Label: Combat Records/Koch
Release: 9/20/2005
Genre: Post Hardcore / Screamo
Rating: 3/10

Hailing from Los Angeles, HORSE The Band releases their album, The Mechanical Hand, on the classic label Combat Records. Koch Records relaunched the label late in 2005. This five piece consists of Nathan Winneke (vocals), David Isen (guitar), Erik Engstrom (keyboards), Eli Green (drums) and Dash Arkenstone (bass). This album was produced by Matt Boyles who produced albums from bands like the Murder City Devils, Mastodon and Norma Jean. HORSE The Band describes themselves as “Nintendocore” however with one listen of this album there is no way you can catagorize this into one genre, it’s pure chaos.
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