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The Deafening @ UC Lounge (7/9/2010)

Logo - Deafening

Artist: The Deafening
Venue: UC Lounge (New York, NY)
g>Opener: n/a
Date: 7/9/2010
Label: Independent Artist

Even though the weekend was finally here for all of us to enjoy, I started my own musical adventuring last night with the Charred Walls of The Damned over at the Gramercy Theatre. Now it was time to head down to the Lower East Side to see what it was offering the Hard Rock fans of the Big Apple and one of the main reasons for my doing this was based on the amount of time since I had heard what was happening with the sextastic chanteuse Miss Coco Caine. I had not seen her since she decided to dispense with rainbow colored wigs and swapped them for a jet black coif that matched the spandex and leather she would now sport in her new band The Deafening. Clearly this was going to be a lot different from her material in Cocaine The Band, and it was bound to happen once the singer immersed herself in the teachings of Motley Crue and Guns ‘N Roses. The new members of the band come via Eddie Animal and Blackie Doyle on guitar and bass. The pair replaces those Miami Vice looking dudes from her earlier outfit and while white suits seemed par for the course with that band, it was clear that keeping it black was the logic with The Deafening.
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Cocaine The Band @ The Theatres (6/13/2008)

Logo - Cocaine

Artist: Cocaine
Venue: The Theatres (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 6/13/2008
Label: Independent Artist

Having caught one of their dress rehearsals when the band was just getting back into the swing of their craft after only a couple of months of reunion time, I found myself intrigued enough to watch the calendar for the chance to go rock out with them again. I had expected to see them performing at one of the locale watering holes because it fit the bands image but instead of a typical venue I would find them deep in the recesses of “The Theaters”. The building itself seems to house two full stage areas with ample seating and tonight in the basement section an off-Broadway independent performance called “Eightballs” was taking place. It was more than appropriate that a band like Cocaine would be drawn to this and if there was mayhem to be had you could count on lead singer Coco Caine to be the girl in charge of it. Now for the continuing adventures of the Glam Rock sensation that’s hitting the nation – Cocaine!!!
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Cocaine – The Band @ Ace Of Clubs (4/23/2008)

Logo - Cocaine

Artist: Cocaine, The Band
Venue: Ace Of Clubs (New York, NY)
Date: 4/23/2008
Label: Independent

While it’s not possible to get myself to every single show that happens in the New York City music scene, the readers of the site and the PiercingMetal Musings blog know full well that I do my damnedest to keep them aware and entertained about that which goes on when the workaday world has thankfully gone away. Living in the Big Apple affords a person the chance to find interesting bands at a number of locations and an experience that often leaves you thinking that you partook in something quite special when it came down to it. Such would be the case when I heard about a hastily set up performance by the band Cocaine. Younger music fans might not remember the “Big Eighties” and the decadence that surrounded it and its imagery only a distant memory to those masses that actually lived through it. It was during these carefree years that Cocaine was on the fast road to success and literally blowing away the competition by the kilo. Bands who worked the same stages were often left dazed in clouds of mysterious powder but on this I will say no more. The future seemed promising when a managerial decision opted to freeze them in time and return them to us in the future when the music scene was not too grungy or faced with boy bands ad nausea. The bands return would come in 2008 and I heard mumblings about some quick appearances, one of which would be at Ace Of Clubs, a solid venue located beneath one of my favorite dinner spots in New York City – the Acme restaurant. I hastily made my way over there and kicked back a stellar pint of the restaurants home brew just in time to find the band arriving and to be honest no one looked any worse the wear after being frozen for so long. Guitarist Husko, bassist Jerko and drummer Marco all bear the same last name of “Caine” yet to my knowledge none of them are related to the ultimate Rock Diva herself Coco.
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