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Celebrating Dio’s “Sacred Heart” @ Thirty Years (1985-2015)

Thirty years ago today Dio sang “Hey the old ones speak of winter the young ones praise the sun and time just slips away Oh running into nowhere turning like a wheel and a year becomes a day Whenever we dream that’s when we fly so here is a dream for just you and I We’ll find the sacred heart somewhere bleeding in the night yeah. Look for the light and find the sacred heart”.

The album was called “Sacred Heart” and not only is this album celebrating its thirtieth anniversary but it is also the Heavy Metal legends third album and the final one that would feature the blistering guitar work of Vivian Campbell. The rest of the lineup was the same with Jimmy Bain on bass and Vinny Appice on drums along with Claude Schnell on keyboards. Dio was as majestic as ever with this one but it was at this point I was moving in a slightly different Metal direction and since this release was not much of a favorite when I compared to “The Last In Line”, I would devote most of my listening time to the tracks that stood out for me. Those were the opening “King Of Rock and Roll” along with the title track, “Rock and Roll Children” and “Hungry For Heaven” but the rest I felt was just alright to me. Remember I was comparing to something I felt was a lot stronger and didn’t have as many commercially viable tunes as this one did. This was a time where you would actually hear some Dio on a conventional Rock radio station during their “Metal” hour or similar programming. Listening to it again today on this anniversary I cannot help but hear a slightly similar riff in “HFH” that reminds me of something in a song by The Who. Did you have any favorites from this one?
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“The Legend Live” by Dio

Artist: Dio
Title: “The Legend Live”
Label: IMV Blueline
Release Date: 12/28/2010
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Sometimes just looking at the cover of a DVD release makes you pause and potentially bypass it because something just “doesn’t seem right” about it, and while this might have been the case with this particular product, I was glad that I decided to check it out. The film is called “Dio – The Legend Live” and right off the bat it seemed kind of odd as the cover displays Ronnie in very later life fronting the group Heaven And Hell as opposed to his own solo band. Let’s face it, the death of Ronnie James Dio found a number of releases hitting the shelves and there is no end in sight so some crap is bound to squeeze itself into the mix as well. However, while the cover was odd, the film that was featured inside was a way back step in time to the classic Metal 80’s where Ronnie and his band were performing live for Japanese television. They cite the year as being 1985 and the band was clearly on tour for the album “Sacred Heart” as there are a couple of tunes being presented from it with “Hungry For Heaven” and the title track. Historically speaking this was the album where my own focus on Ronnie’s solo work slowed down as I was lending my time to other bands but of course I still would listen to what came out when I could.
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