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“Classics” by KISS

Artist: KISS
Title: “Classics”
Label: Island Mercury Records
Release Date: 6/10/2008
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.75/5

In 2011 I reviewed a KISS “Best Of” compilation called “45: The Complete Collection” and while it was a nice grouping of tunes it was by no means “complete”. It was available as a digital only release which was great for the new generation of music fans who are glued to their iPods or Droid devices and keep connected to their music that way. With that being the case I never expected to find this collection broken up into three separate products now entitled “Favorites”, “Classics” and “Discoveries”. I took my original text about the complete release and expanded upon it lightly for the sake of this review.
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“Classics” (remaster) by Triumph

Artist: Triumph
Title: “Classics” (remaster)
Label: TRC Records
Release Date:
Genre: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

I have always loved the music that Triumph brought to the table because it was not only extremely powerful in terms of the overall drive that it possessed, but it was highly melodic stuff that was very rich in its musicianship. Clearly, Canada had more than one three piece superpower under their belts for Rock fans to enjoy. This compilation release is the perfect way to remember the larger majesty that Triumph possessed as a band for it presents you with a healthy dose of their most memorable compositions. It is a great place for the music fan who only remembers the stories that older friends might have mentioned about them in the past because when it comes down to it this was a truly incredible band. Formed in 1975 by members Gil Moore (drums, vocals), Rik Emmett (guitar, vocals) and Mike Levine (bass, vocals) they were an arena rock band in every sense of the word with a big sound and an even bigger production for their audience in the live setting. If you were already a fan then this is a nice little compilation to have for the car or in the office as all of the staples are included on it. We get the sweet sounds of “Hold On”, the promise of keeping hopes alive in “Magic Power” and “Follow Your Heart”, a tune whose message is lined out right in the title. I’ve also always had a place in my Metal heart for the resounding power of “Fight The Good Fight” and to my knowledge this was also the first Triumph tune that I was ever exposed to by some friends back in my High School days. The songs cover a large number of Gil Moore and Rik Emmet vocal tracks and it seems rather equally distributed. Emmet was always the one in charge of the need to break some glass notes while Moore seemed to handle the bands heavier numbers. The great thing about the sharing of the vocal duties in Triumph was that neither member seemed to slow down on their instrument while they did so. Its great inspiration to any musician who also needs to double up on this aspect of band life and proves that it can be done well if you practice hard enough at it.
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