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Label News: Season Of Mist Records Signs Abysmal Dawn

I’m taking a breather from all of the concert tour and television postings since there have been so many of them lately to share the latest news from the American Death Metal band known as Abysmal Dawn who are moving on from Relapse Records and starting a new relationship with Season Of Mist Records. The full press release is below for you to peruse and then I will close up with some thoughts. Sink your teeth into this one.

The Press Release:
ABYSMAL DAWN have signed a multi-album deal with France-based Season of Mist Records.

“We’re very happy to be signed to such an awesome and respected label like Season of Mist,” says ABYSMAL DAWN. “The people there are all die-hard metalheads and we’re glad to be a part of such an enthusiastic and strong team. We also have a long-standing friendship with U.S. label manager Gordon Conrad, who originally signed us. Working with Gordon, Michael, and the other amazing people at the label was just a no-brainer. We’re very excited about the future of ABYSMAL DAWN these days, and judging by the new material that we’ve been working on, great things are to come.”

The members of ABYSMAL DAWN are currently ensconced at an undisclosed Los Angeles location, where they’re invoking the elder gods to power new material for their as-yet-untitled fifth full-length and follow-up to 2014’s ‘Obsolescence’. The Village Voice called Obsolescence “tirelessly inventive”, eventually crowning ABYSMAL DAWN the #1 spot on their 10 Best Metal Albums year-end list. Early samples of ABYSMAL DAWN’s Season of Mist debut demonstrate the trio’s newfound power, ingenuity, and songcraft. Certainly, ABYSMAL DAWN’s new opus picks up where ‘Obsolescence’ left off, but it promises so much more.

Formed in 2004, ABYSMAL DAWN quickly impressed on fan and band alike. The group’s three-song demo landed ABYSMAL DAWN a contract with Arizona-based Crash Music. Within a year, the group were holed up with engineer John Haddad (INTRONAUT, HIRAX) at Shiva Industries recording their debut, ‘From Ashes’. Released in 2006, ‘From Ashes’ was praised for its tactful balance of brutality, melody, and atmosphere, earning heavy praise from media outlets. Blabbermouth gushed, calling it, “irreproachably constructed.” Follow-up album, ‘Programmed to Consume’, again engineered by Haddad, was released in 2008 following a higher profile deal with Relapse Records. Immediately, the press heralded ‘Programmed to Consume’—“thinking man’s metal” said AllMusic.
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“Programmed To Consume” by Abysmal Dawn

Artist: Abysmal Dawn
Title: “Programmed To Consume”
Label: Relapse Records
Release Date: 5/13/2008
Genre: Technical Death Metal
Rating: 4/5

Abysmal Dawn is part of the next generation of Technical Death Metal and with their Relapse Records debut “Programmed To Consume” clearly demonstrates that they mean business. The album starts off the assault with the title track and from the very onset we find that the brutality and technical display is top notch. The band blisters through the riffs that are carefully layered over some inhuman blast beat drumming but it’s not just a Thrash Fest as we find on tracks like “Twilight’s Fallen” where they introduce a slowly trudging riff over the solid double kick. The band is led by Charles Elliot who handles the growling, guitar and even a little keyboard and he does well on all ends. Jamie Boulanger also plays guitar and given it is not specified if only one of the axe wielders does the leads I will just assume that he does as well. Terry Barajas is on the drums and probably one of the more proficient players I had heard in a few months given the amount of Metal I am absorbing. His level of play shows that he is a talented and creative technician on the kit for he not only has the ability to throttle the listener but to also impress those who are seeking deeper levels of percussion during the songs. At times I felt he was dueling with Elliott’s guitar riffing and that impression made the Abysmal Dawn material a little more profound.
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