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Exploring NY Comic Con 2015; Day 4 – Part 2

Welcome back my friends to our comprehensive coverage of the 2015 NY Comic Con. You have now arrived at the second chapter of our Day Four coverage and the Final Chapter in all of these narratives about the convention. Congratulations. As I noted in the first chapter for this particular day, I was using today as a “clean up” day and getting whatever other images I could secure. One of the things that I did was wander the outside area where the buses usually pass through (they were not passing these lanes for the convention) as numerous cosplayers were taking photos with each other and with the many photographers that attend the event. Here are some of the highlights from this part of my adventure.

nycc 2015, ny comic con, ny comic con 2015

nycc 2015, ny comic con, ny comic con 2015
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Airing Tonight: “The Walking Dead” Season 5.5 (2/8/15)

You’ve waited patiently and developed severe levels of anxiety after the mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” with its nothing less than a “HOLY SH*T” moment at the climax and if you have not yet seen that for some strange reason, be happy that I am not willing to spoil it for you. Now the waiting is over and the hit series returns to give us the rest of Season Five, check out the poster below. I like the premise “The New Worlds Gonna Need Rick Grimes”. That sounds ominous to me. Do you agree?

Poster - The Walking Dead - S5.5

Below are the casting parts for the first half of Season 5 and as you might expect with TWD, there are a few that are no longer wandering the long road to whatever lies ahead as the second act begins. I’ve left them in placeto not ruin for those folks who are super late to the viewing game.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee
Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene
Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
Danai Gurira as Michonne
Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier
Michael Cudlitz as Sgt. Abraham Ford
Emily Kinney as Beth Greene
Chad Coleman as Tyreese
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Tonight: “The Walking Dead” Season 5 Begins (10/12/2014)

How could we possibly end the NY Comic Con without finding our last day leading us right into the breakout hit of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”. The zombie apocalypse series will premiere its fifth season first episode tonight. Check out the poster and then we can banter a tad.

Poster - Walking Dead - S5 - 2014
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Airing Tonight: “The Walking Dead” Season 4 (10/13/2013)

So is anyone hungry out there let me hear you!!!! Oh I am not speaking to you readers but instead any of the living dead zombified Metal legions that might have dropped by to see what we were up to with the website. That’s right it’s time to get yer chomp on because “The Walking Dead” has returned for Season 4. Once again this show will begin its run on the Sunday that ended the NY Comic Con.

Poster - The Walking Dead - S4

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Opening Today: “The Green Hornet” (1/14/2011)

Today is the release of the long anticipated “Green Hornet” film in case you were wondering.

Poster - The Green Hornet - 2011

The Storyline: Following the death of his father, Britt Reid, heir to his father’s large company, teams up with his late dad’s assistant Kato to become a masked crime fighting team.

Seth Rogen as Britt Reid/The Green Hornet
Jay Chou as Kato
Christoph Waltz as Benjamin Chudnofsky
Cameron Diaz as Lenore “Casey” Case
Tom Wilkinson as James Reid
David Harbour as District Attorney Frank Scanlon
Edward James Olmos as Mike Axford
Jamie Harris as Popeye
Chad Coleman as Chili
Edward Furlong as Tupper
Analeigh Tipton as Ana Lee
Reuben Langdon as Crackhead
Jerry Trimble as Chudnofsky’s man
James Franco as Danny “Crystal” Clear”

Without going into too many details about it, the film appears to be more of an Action Packed Superhero Comedy as opposed to the playing it on the dramatic edge like the original television series was. Part of me is not too sure how this will work out because I really liked how the series was first presented as a crime drama and of course in that episode of the way classic “Batman” series where the two teams butted heads. If you’ve never seen it I can tell you with some certainty that it is on YouTube.com, just search for “A Piece Of The Action”, oh heck just click HERE 🙂 The crossover episode was the lead into the Hornet’s own short lived series and it starred Van Williams and Bruce Lee. To me it doesn’t seem smart playing it up as comedy but who knows, maybe it will be a fun ride just the same.

I’ve been a fan of The Green Hornet for a few years now and always enjoyed how he was on the side of the right but played it up as a master criminal. It was clever to see it done that way and when they issued a comic book title on the long defunct NOW! Comics, I bought a copy each and every month. I still have them somewhere in my collection. I am not too sure if the collected edition of some of those tales is still in print but if you can find one its a recommendation. Hopefully the movie does good, only time will tell.

Sadly the referenced classic sixties “Green Hornet” television series AND the “Batman” series where most fans of a certain age got their first glimpse of the character are NOT yet available on DVD for purchase. The movie serials that preceded them are however as are a number of books which I have embedded here for your perusal.

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Green_Hornet_(2011_film)