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“Seven Days Live” by Poison

Artist: Poison
Title: “Seven Days Live”
Label: Armoury Records
Release Date: 8/26/2008
Genre: Glam Rock
Rating: 2.5/5

Given the nature of this live release I think that I should begin in the same fashion that I did for the DVD version of this which came out about two years ago and it went something like this – “Warning to all diehard Poison fans: This CD does NOT feature guitarist C.C. DeVille.” Now for those who are coming in late to the music that Poison has been doing for over two decades let me now reiterate that at one point the Glam Rock band had continued on without one of its founding members and performed with different guitarists. Richie Kotzen stepped into the band and was a spectacular player who was less on the Glam side and more on the Soul and Blues-oriented Rock angle and with his contributions the band released the fantastic “Native Tongue” album. It was a recording that showed you that Poison were much more than lipstick and hairspray. The album and touring took place in the middle of the Grunge Rock phase of the music scene and Poison’s level of notoriety had really dropped while bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam climbed higher and higher and when the band stopped by the Hammersmith Apollo for a gig it was captured forever on audio and video. Understandably some fans dropped Poison entirely when C.C. left while newer fans who had hoped for more depth from the band welcomed the material they did with Kotzen. Since the touring was for “Native Tongue” the larger portion of material presented came from this release but this appeared to only be the case for the video of the show and not what was delivered here on the CD.
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