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Listening To Meshuggah’s “Catchy Thirty Three” in NYC (4/1/2005)

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Artist: Meshuggah
Title: “Catch Thirty-Three” – Listening Party
Venue: CBGB’s Gallery (New York, NY)
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Date: 4/1/2005
Genre: Technical Death Metal

Once again I trekked down to the Bowery for the famed CBGB’s Club. Actually we were downstairs in the roomy lounge of the adjacent building in a space known as the CBGB’s Gallery. This atmosphere is more suited to a party like this since you are out to network with the band and enjoy their latest work. The reason for the trip this evening was to meet a couple of the guys in the one and only “Meshuggah”. The band had come to town to give the Media a sneak listen on their latest effort entitled “Catch Thirty Three”. It was great to be included in the festivities like this, since getting to talk to the Artist before an actual release can be a special thing and assist in getting the word out on it. Nuclear Blast Records was in full presence as reps from the label entertained folks like my colleague Pete Pardo (from www.SeaOfTranquility.org) and many others. It’s pretty cool that the label does this kind of thing and also that they picked this particular venue to showcase the album. Recently, CBGB’s has been in the news over their fight with the owners of the building over unpaid rent and it looks like the doors may soon close on the birthplace of Punk Rock. It’s a landmark club whether you love it or hate it, and a lot of memorable music has come from it so I hope it gets resolved to a positive fashion.
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“Catch Thirty Three” by Meshuggah

Artist: Meshuggah
Title: “Catch Thirty-Three”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 5/31/2005
Genre: Industrial Death
Rating: 7.5

The new Meshuggah release of “Catch Thirty-Three” on Nuclear Blast Records is definitely a departure from their last endeavors yet then again this is a band that has never followed convention in the past. So why start now? The CD is actually one long song that has been divided into sections to allow it to be easier to appreciate. Everything on the piece seems to lock in to the groove lined up on the very first track and as the CD runs along this riff modifies and transforms and even returns at times. It is quite interesting to listen to and really must be played as a whole piece. There is a chance that the fans of Meshuggah might not be sure of what to make of this CD at first because there are also some changes in the way it is laid out musically. Absent are the guitar solos that are often very impressive and this time the drumming is programmed. It’s a sad thing to subtract the power that Tomas Haake delivers on the drums a well as Fredrik’s solos but Marten Hagstrom has promised that the next record will be more true to form and what the fans are more used to. This was a record the band wanted to address and clearly “Catch Thirty-Three” will be a part of the touring set when that happens so don’t be left behind on the material.
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