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Dark Funeral @ B.B. King Blues Club (1/10/2007)

What a way to start one’s year of attending Metal shows. I mean let’s face it, Dark Funeral is not the easiest band to get through for even the stronger diehards because of the absolute level of Black Metal evil that surges inside every furious note. Despite this, we braved the cold darkness with camera in hand as the band denounced the pious and brought along Enslaved and Abigail Williams as their support. We were sure to cover everyone and to see what transpired just click their logo to be brought to the article on the main PiercingMetal.com site. If you are brave enough that is…….

Logo - Dark Funeral

Artist: Dark Funeral
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Enslaved, Abigail Williams
Date: 1/10/2007
Label: Candlelight Records

The dark would come alive tonight at B.B. King Blues Club for it was the evening that Black Metal legends most supreme, Dark Funeral would arrive in New York City for the “Candlelight II: Phoenix Rising” tour. They would be the main act of three from the label roster and be joined by the also legendary Viking Metal masters Enslaved as well as rising stars Abigail Williams. Without question, the fans of Metal were going to get their money’s worth tonight. Here are some of the details on the event overall.

Abigail Williams: The first band up would be a new signing to Candlelight Records, a five-piece Extreme Metal band from Arizona (yes, intense Metal can even come from the desert). The club was filling up rather nicely when they took the stage and for their first time in New York, the group did not seem fazed or nervous about their set. As I understood, their EP was just recently available and was on sale for those who enjoyed what the band was bringing to life tonight. Abigail Williams has a good overall sound to their Metal, and like some other Black Metal acts make use of the keyboards during the songs. Delivered in earnest by a young lady named Ellyllon, they are not overly Symphonic like one sees in Dimmu Borgir and some others, but instead seem to use them very well alongside the guitar riffs and vocals. I found them to also be very classically based. Vocalist Ken Sorceron growls his way through all of the material in true Extreme fashion and I found him to be a solid presence on stage as well. There is some cool riffing going on with the guitars and this made the band not some run of the mill opener that you end up dreading for the whole set. The band themselves were not too sure that the audience enjoyed them, which they mentioned to me after they finished, and they were basing this on some of the reaction they heard from the stage. From where I was standing there were applause and yells of approval and in a venue that was not allowing any sort of moshing one can expect the response to not seem as resounding. I also stressed that this was not an easy bill to open as its not often we find Enslaved and Dark Funeral on the same show. They do have promise, and I will be watching out to bring you the latest as it happens.
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