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“Buzz Cuts” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Buzz Cuts”
Label: Razor & Tie Entertainment
Release Date: 3/18/2008
Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 3.5/5

If the Alternative Punk & Alt-Hard Rock scene was your bag then there are quite a few songs on “Buzzcuts” that will tickle your fancy. The title is to be taken quite literally as a majority of these bands were generating quite the “buzz” when they were coming up in popularity and while some of them showed signs of becoming long time music history greats there were also a number of them who went away without a whimper or any real interest from the music fans. Quite a few of the inclusions on the release are from bands whose longevity has already ended and this might cause the newer listener to the CD to mumble to themselves “who is this?.” There are a few tracks from the more popular bands who managed to reach considerable acclaim and these songs will be a welcome listen once again since hardly any of them are considered mainstream or commercially viable to be aired in today’s rapidly changing music scene. It starts off with Creed who were a band that soared to stratospheric heights rather quickly before collapsing upon their own weight and infighting. “Higher” was perhaps the number that really broke them, but I would still think their ballad “With Arms Wide Open” generated more revenue and found more airtime. “Kryptonite” is not the heaviest tune on the album, but it was Three Doors Down’s biggest number of the bunch they did and while “I Miss You” is a pleasant track by Blink 182, I had almost expected “All The Small Things” or “What’s My Age Again” to be included since these were the bands breakthrough numbers. We get a “Fat Lip” from Sum 41 and these kids wowed us with some clear love for Metal music of the past, but they fucked it up for themselves by blending in too much of the Hip-Hop vibe to their sound at a time when this style was already dead. Simple Plan was an ok band so I expected them to be included but Crazy Town was rubblish and their being featured here was a waste of space. “Sour Girl” by STP was a tune that found the band already past their own prime having delivered some seriously great shit with their first couple of albums. Hoobastank was a band who started out strong but faded into obscurity faster than they deserved to while Papa Roach managed to hit it big on the airwaves with “Broken Home” instead deliver to us “Last Resort”.
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