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Examining “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte” Issues 3 & 4

Last week I offered up some overview and opinion on the first two issues of “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors” that I had gotten my hands on during the 2011 NY Comic Con. I now continue the process for this title with issues three and four.

“Electrolyte & The Justice Purveyors” #3

Issue Three Overview: The issue begins with some righteous ass kicking as Electrolyte, Sparkler and the rest of The Justice Purveyors attempt to stop the villainess Cottonmouth who made her first appearance in the last few pages of issue #2. The new super-villain makes short work of all the heroes who felt that by amping up their fluids by drinking everything in Binge’s Bar would help them. Of course the battle also does find more of Electrolyte’s power coming into play and that is a good thing. His powers were drained back in issue #1 and it was there that we learned that Electrolyte is much more powerful than even he ever imagined. Cottonmouth gets away before being captured and the team encounters a destitute Mr. Perfect whose life has come crumbling down since the events of the first issue. We learn that there is a close association between this fallen hero and the new villain in town and with this information The Justice Purveyors do some hunting to bring her in once and for all. Of course it’s never easy to do something like this and the fighting commences once again and just when you think it’s all been cleared up and solved, our main villain from the first issue returns with reinforcements that will assist in his diabolical plan to steal Electrolyte’s growing powers. The new villain joining in to the fray is Super 8. Let’s see how they get out of this one in issue #4.
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Examining “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte” Issues 1 & 2

“Megalopolis is a virtually crime-free city. That’s great for the citizens of Megalopolis, but not for its superheroes. Now superheroes must compete against each other for work and no one is more affected by this plight than The Justice Purveyors. Led by Electrolyte, The Justice Purveyors primary stock and trade has been chasing reckless jaywalkers, dealing with drunk and disorderlies, scofflaws and general cases of moral turpitude”.

Such is the premise of “The Misadventures Of Electrolyte and The Justice Purveyors”, the first graphic novel by writer Patrick Reilly and artist Butch Mapa. Colors come from Mitch Claussen with letters by Wilson. I met Patrick at the NY Comic Con back in 2010 and he was kind enough to put a copy of the first issue in my hands but at the time I was not yet mapped out on how I wanted to do some comic book overviews. The site would get more into that when DC Comics launched their “The New 52” initiative in the last part of 2011 and this leads me into finally getting some comments out about the first two issues of the title. Read on.

“Electrolyte & The Justice Purveyors” #1

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