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“Business As Usual” by Righteous Jams

Artist: Righteous Jams
Title: “Business As Usual”
Label: Abacus Records
Release Date: 10/17/2006
Genre: Straight Edge Hardcore
Rating: 2/5

While it is a definite truism that the basic elements of Hardcore music can and do often work in a variety of Metal genres there is a certain risk bands can find if they stick too pure to the roots. When you take powerful Metal riffs and structures and blend in some Hardcore aggression you end up with bands like All That Remains, and I Killed The Prom Queen (groups to look into by the way) who each deliver non-stop brutality along with creative writing skills in the music. Righteous Jams is a tight group of players but they don’t really stray from the original model, a form referred to a “Straight Edge” and as a result this release will not appease the listener who wants a little difference in their music. The RJ guys surely give it their all but in the end there is nothing that stands out on this release and much of it comes across as repetitive. The riffing is all too similar and the vocals don’t change up all that much and when you add this to the fact that the recording is very short (though not much Hardcore Punk are epic in length anyway) its makes for a somewhat dissatisfying listen.
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