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PiercingMetal Talks To Into Eternity’s Tim Roth (5/17/2006)

Logo - Into Eternity

Into Eternity’s Tim Roth

If you attended one of the many Metal shows that came through the area across the year 2005 then there is a good chance that you know very well who Into Eternity is. The band is a Metal force that mixes up accepted norms and shows a unique variety of influences in their music. Taking a healthy dose of Death Metal growls and speed the band mixes in Progressive Elements with the result being a technically adept and musically pleasing album. “Buried By Oblivion” is an album that is high on the recommendation list since it portrays this dynamic very well, recently after their opening slot for Gamma Ray I was able to run a few questions by founder/guitarist/growler Tim Roth. Here’s what he had to say about some of the bands origins and the present state of affairs of this amazing group.

KP: Here’s a question that I am sure never gets tiring to answer. How did the band start and what made you settle on the style and musical content that you ended up doing.

Tim Roth: I started the band in late 1996. The band at the time played 3 shows around town, but in 1997 the real lineup got involved. That was JIm ( drums ), Scott ( bass ), Chris ( keyboards ) and myself on guitar and lead vocals. Into Eternity’s style was always a mix of death metal and progressive metal. I always wondered why you couldn’t have both styles in one band. Death metal has a lot of power and energy to it, but it can get a bit monotonous. I like that the clean vocals and interludes break up the mix a little. It’s also a good thing to have melody in music, so people can sing along. Our style has always remained intact even though our songwriting has improved.
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