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PiercingMetal Goes To The Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show (4/7/2013)

Spring has sprung, or shall I say that “Spring Has Strummed” considering that we were not only celebrating the new season but also the twice annual Brooklyn Guitar Show at the amazing Brooklyn Bowl was taking place right here in Brooklyn. Yes I realize that you knew this considering the borough is mentioned in each specific reference but you have to indulge my prose every now and again. Check out the super cool poster, I am loving these artistic works and feel I should be collecting them.

Poster - Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show - 2013
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The Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show 2013 Is Coming!

Attention all slingers of the six and four string weapons of music, it is that time of the season once more as the Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show makes its return for 2013 at the beautiful Brooklyn Bowl. I’ve brought this fun event to your attention in the past and wanted to let you all know that both DJ Uncle Mike and Lisa Sharken will be at the ready to bring you the best event possible. We are now at t-minus two weeks and as you see on the poster will happen on April 7th from 11am to 5pm.


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PiercingMetal Goes To The Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show (4/1/2012)

Last Autumn, my good friend and occasional comrade en arms Skeleton Pete hit the Brooklyn Guitar Show that was being hosted by our fellow music scribe Lisa Sharken at the Brooklyn Bowl. We had such a great time and documented the proceedings HERE in case you want to check it out. With that being the case, when Lisa said that they were doing it once again in the Spring we locked it into the schedule to be a part of it.  Come along with us in this blog post so you can see what kind of stuff you missed out on.

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The 2nd Annual Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show Is Almost Here!!!

Attention all guitar players, bass players, and any of those who just love to tinker around on the six or four string implements of music, have we got an event to tell you about. Check this out my axe slinging friends as we are just one week away from the 2nd Annual Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show that will be held at the Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC.

In case you didn’t see the date, it’s indeed on April 1st 2012 and that is no joke. I wouldn’t do that to you wonderful readers at all. The event is FREE OF CHARGE and will run from 11am until 5pm and will be your place to buy, sell and perhaps even trade your instrument with another interested party. I attended last year with my colleague in arms Skeleton Pete and together we found lots of awesome guitar craftsmen, technology innovators and those who took a usual way of doing something and turned it into something much more different and effective. My instrument of choice is drums, but that did not stop me from meeting some really cool people and enjoying the fun filled day. You can check out my coverage via this LINK. Skeleton Pete’s narrative can be viewed HERE in the event that you want to take a look and I think that you should 🙂 In case you were curious, we both shall be covering the event again.

This fantastic affair will be hosted by DJ Uncle Mike and Lisa Sharken. For directions and to get a better idea about the space itself and the food offerings in there, I have pasted their Yelp! page below.

Brooklyn Bowl on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/brooklyn-bowl-brooklyn

Guitar Show Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BrooklynGuitarShow

Some of the dealers that are scheduled to attend are Pigtronix, Mountain Cat Guitars, DR Strings, Hahn Guitars, La Bella Strings, Louis Electric Amplifiers, Lang Amplifiers, Cobra Guitars, Main Drag Music, Vigiere Guitars, Southside Guitars, Rivington Guitars, First Fret Guitars, My Generation Guitars, Indigo Amplifiers, Lazy B Cigar Box Guitars, and many more.

See you there Legions……