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“Conquistadors Of War” by Gregorian B.C.

Artist: Gregorian B.C.
Title: “Conquistadors Of War”
Label: Gregorian B.C. Records
Release Date:
Genre: Melodic Rock
Rating: 2/5

The press copy lauded how musician “Brian Chupp has been nicknamed The Conquistador of Music” based on his eclectic musical mix and how diverse he is. It’s pretty bold stuff to put into print and words that are pretty impossible for me to agree with after I listened to the “Conquistadors Of War” album which comes care of Chupps own Gregorian B.C. Records. Don’t get me wrong here as I listen to everything with an objective ear and while there do seem to be some musical passages worthy of attention in their playing sense it is Chupp’s voice, or “The Conquistador” as I should say, that ruin the entire thing for me. It’s a dry and repetitive sounding monotone register that I felt was torture on my ears. I hate to come off as mean in this comment but when someone opts to not only play all the instruments except the drums, and then sing on top of it, there is a lot of focus being pointed at them and a finer analysis of the work being presented. I felt the musicianship of Chupp was rather sound and he is using a lot of classical and flamenco guitar across the release which make it unique but then that dry vocal comes at you and makes you hope that the tune ends. It’s not that his voice is entirely bad but it is not something one normally finds in a Hard Rock or Melodic Rock sort of album as much as it would be best heard in something like a solemn mid-eighties Goth Wave band. It’s solemn and almost expressionless. At least this was how I heard it. The drums are well done and not overplayed by Billy Ashbaugh who comes to this project with a resume that featured Pat Benetar, Tim McGraw and N’Sync.
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