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PiercingMetal’s Peek @ Mezco Toyz “Toy Fair 2014” Offerings

Last year PiercingMetal.com attended two special events held by the fine folks at Mezco Toyz with the first being their “Classic 1966 Batman” reveal and the second a “1st Ever Public Warehouse Sale”. These were great events and when the invitation came to peruse their 2014 Toy Fair offerings before the grand event, it was without hesitation that I headed to Long Island City to bring you all the advance visual scoop.

Logo - Mezco

This Press Conference was originally set for Wednesday of this week but the horrendous weather kept people away and that made me glad to find it rescheduled for Thursday.   They said that attendees would have needed a tauntaun to attend and my reply RSVP lined out how the PiercingMetal Imperial Walker was still in the shop at the time.  So here we go with our findings.  It was without question that Mezco Toyz were very excited about their “Sons Of Anarchy” license and all of the coolness that was going to come out because of it. They even worked out this super cool banner for the company that uses the properties design. Check it out below.

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PiercingMetal & The Temple Of Mezco Toyz (8/15/2013)

Logo - Mezco

A couple of months ago, my buddy Skeleton Pete and I joined the fine folks at Mezco Toyz over at the Ripley’s Believe it or not Odditorium to celebrate the reveal of their awesome “1960’s Batman and Batmobile” (which can be seen below for your enjoyment). This great event had an appearance by Batman himself who drove right up Times Square in the legendary Batmobile. Okay so it was a very “he looks just like him” impersonator but I admit to feeling like a little kid when I saw it drive up.

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Batman “Classic TV Series” Mezitz

Today’s event was something entirely different but no less special and depending on your level of collecting mania, this could very well have been the event of the year. You see, Mezco was opening up their warehouse for the very first time to the public and letting them get their hands on one of a kind items along with production test models, limited editions and showroom models.   Once again I was joined by my partner in media crime Skeleton Pete and hoped that my credit card would not explode after this visit to their Long Island City location.  Let’s see what’s going on over here today.

mezco toyz, mezco, mezco toyz warehouse sale
Chucky sez “Welcome To Mezco”

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