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PiercingMetal Ken & St. Baldrick’s Organization

Cancer sucks – plain and simple and I think that many of us have met someone affected by this illness or sadly suffering from it themselves. It’s never a fun experience to my knowledge and that is what brings me to the topic of this blog posting. A few months ago a friend of mine told me of his participation in a Children’s Cancer charity organization called St. Baldrick’s and it sounded like something great to support. The way the organization works is that you can either simply donate money to their cause, or volunteer to be a barber, and yes a “shavee”. You can learn more about the charity by clicking their logo below. This will not only save me some typing, but allow the point to make a lot more sense without the risk of me losing some of the important details. Then of course we invite you to proceed deeper into the narrative.

st baldricks charity event, st baldricks
Click This Logo To Learn More About St. Baldrick’s

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