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Thor @ The Continental (8/5/2005)

Logo - Thor

Artist: Thor
Venue: The Continental – NYC
Opener: Goat Horn, Nasty Disaster (unsigned bands)
Date: 8/5/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal

In addition to CBGB’s there is another legendary Punk venue where you can catch a killer show in an intimate setting. The club is The Continental and it is located in the Village in NYC. Tonight this was to be the scene of the The Return Of Thor, the Legendary Rock Warrior. Since I knew this was going to be a lot of fun I made sure to get there early enough to enjoy all of the festivities that were planned. Many people might not be aware but Thor has been a performer for over 20 years and in addition to Rocking Mighty with his sacred hammer, he performs feats of strength and endurance during the show. The night began with a few interesting groups who were all unsigned and while there were four in total I was only able to focus on a couple of them in particular as I was catching up with Friends as well. Goat Horn was a powerful and very fun Metal trio who played up the Death thing with a whole lot of melody. Given this was a Thor show I was not sure if some of the other acts would be of the same caliber of show. I wondered if GH was doing their music with a little tongue-in-cheek humor. I wondered this because the singer made the audience spell out Satan before the song that seemed to be called “Satan Is Coming”. Of course keeping the tongue firmly in cheek was hard to do when Nasty Disaster came onstage. This was a band that played Metal with songs that were about Metal. I have to say that they were a lot of fun from guitarist Ian McRock and songs like “Slut” it was just an amusing experience. I recommend looking out for them both.
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