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Fates Warning Announces Summer 2017 Tour

Fans of the Progressive Metal legends that is Fates Warning will surely be interested in their latest announcement about the upcoming tour. Check it out below and then I’ll return with some additional thoughts.

The Press Release:
U.S. Progressive Metal pioneers FATES WARNING continue to tour in support of their much praised latest release “Theories Of Flight” and are now announcing a first run of dates for the album in North America in June. FATES WARNING vocalist Ray Alder checked in with the following comment:

“We are very excited to finally announce the first leg of the US tour for ‘Theories Of Flight’. We know that this news has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here and we are ready to once again hit the States in support of a new album. The European tour was amazing, and we are anticipating nothing less from our home crowd. We can’t wait to see our fans again. Get your tickets now. Thank you all!”

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Riot @ B.B. King Blues Club (1/18/2012)

There was going to be a Riot in NYC this evening and I am speaking about the legendary NYC Metal band that goes by that name who were set on delivering the goods for their ardent fans tonight at B.B. King Blues Club. I’ve never seen them before so I was rather excited to see what it was all about because my friends had been fans for years. The down side was that founding guitarist Mark Reale had been admitted to the hospital only days before the tour began and was reportedly in critical condition due to the effects of Crohn’s disease. We sure wish him the best and applauded the band for not cancelling the shows for the fans. To check out the full concert report and see some photos just scroll on down past the bands logo below.

Artist: Riot
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Gothic Knights, Arctic Flame
Date: 1/18/2012
Label: SPV Records

My interest level was high when I learned that the legendary New York Metal band Riot was going to be playing one of my favorite concert venues after never having done so before. Well, I will admit that this is to the best of my knowledge because I’ve only been reviewing shows at this establishment since 2004 and I don’t recall my missing a show like that. I had to admit that even though I grew up enjoying many of the same bands that my friends do, I was less than informed about this bands stuff. My only real exposure to them was with the album “The Privilege Of Power” which was one of their later efforts and morphed them more into a Power Metal band than a traditional Heavy Metal one. Since I had never seen them before this would be an exciting show to both my ears and eyes and it was honestly very cool to be right up front in such intimate quarters as this venue allows. There was a serious downside to this gig as the bands founding guitarist Mark Reale would not be making the journey and had been hospitalized only a few days before the show due to complications from Crohn’s disease. It had to be hard on the band to do this without him but they apparently had his blessing to do it.
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PiercingMetal Spotlights: Iced Earth

Even though we got into this band a little later than we would have liked to we feel that we began our own interest in them at a very crucial point in their career. The band is Traditional Power Metal and is the brainchild of guitarist Jon Schaffer. The musician is very passionate about his beliefs and ideals and this reflects in the bands music. His love of history and science fiction found him being able to deliver his fans some really unique albums and this made our own adventures in supporting the band a lot more fun. The band has had a number of lineup changes since their inception but this is all in accordance with what Jon’s overall vision is for the body of work he is doing. They have a lot of great stuff and we’ve been glad to support it. To learn what we have said about them you can just click the logo below to launch the query of all Iced Earth content on PiercingMetal.com – we hope you like it.

iced earth logo
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“Live At Rock In Rio III” by Halford

Artist: Halford
Title: “Live At Rock In Rio III”
Label: Metal God Entertainment
Release Date: 10/7/2008
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

“Attention to all the fans of Rob Halford the Metal God, as it is time to get out your credit cards because the DVD film that we have waited for many years to be released has finally arrived.” Yes, thanks to Rob’s own Metal God Entertainment company we will be able to enjoy the “Rock In Rio III” concert in the comfort of our own home after knowing for so long that the film existed and was just this far out of our reach. Of course I am sure that something lackluster was available on some kind of bootleg that one would find at conventions that cater to music, but the chance to own the real deal is really something special. The show comes very early in the career of the band that Rob simply called Halford and I remember that when he performed in NYC around this time it was as opener for Iron Maiden on a triple bill that also featured Queensryche. For that show Halford performed first and it was the only time that I ever saw the entire audience in place for the opening act. Let’s face it; Rob Halford surely deserves this kind of treatment.
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“You Have The Right To Remain Violent” by Painmuseum

Artist: Painmuseum
Title: “You Have The Right To Remain Violent”
Label: Independent
Release Date:
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3/5

The Mighty Metal Mike Chlasciak and his bringers of the mayhem “Painmuseum” have returned with an EP of material to whet the palette for Metal just a little more. The EP is a nice treat for fans of the shredder who are waiting for another full-length album from the band but yet I was a bit surprised that there was only one new tune included on this disk. “Scars In Black” is a thriller of a Metal track with a pounding display by drummer Bobby Jarzombek along with the six string insanity that is Metal Mike at his best. Given the CD includes three previously released tracks from “Metal For Life”, this CD might have only a small amount of appeal to existing fans of the band and quite personally I think Mike should have waited a little before releasing this on the world. He does give you the “Speak The Name” video and a bunch of bonus features but those implements would be best suited for a DVD release than on a CD. The band is also comprised of Tim Clayborne (Hatred) and Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus, Testament) and considering the busy touring and recording schedule it is most probably the reasoning behind limited material from this excellent Pure Metal outfit. Jarzombek and Mike now are part of Sebastian Bach’s band and have worked extensively with Rob Halford and at last mention would be working on the Metal God’s third album.
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