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Gospel Of The Witches @ Blackthorn 51

Karyn Crisis brings her Gospel Of The Witches project to Queens and she will be joined by Ross and Bob from Immolation.

Scion A/V and Immolation offer “Providence”

The command center for PiercingMetal’s journalistic happenings is stationed in the Big Apple NYC but when it all comes down to it, we maintain a large sense of pride when it relates to any Metal band that manages to do some proper good for the genre from the state on the whole. Such is the case with the devastating might of the Yonkers based Immolation who have been crushing skulls with their powerful brand of Death Metal for the past 25 years. The band’s latest full album is entitled Majesty & Decay and comes care of their label Nuclear Blast Records. If you’ve followed the band at all in the recent times I don’t have to tell you that this is some monstrous stuff and should be played at maximum volume for best effect. If you can count on Immolation for anything after this quarter century, it is the fact that they still choose to deliver some intensely powerful Metal for the loyal followers and have never taken the easy path to cut corners. Kudos to Ross, Bob, Steve and Bill for truly keeping it real.
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Immolation @ The Studio at Webster Hall (7/28/2010)

Logo - Immolation

Artist: Immolation
Venue: The Studio (New York, NY)
Opener: Arsis & Disma
Date: 7/28/2010
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

This was proving to be a weird if not interesting month of Metal and Hard Rock for me as a keeper of the scene on the internet page for I had not been able to take part in the crushing shows held by Iron Maiden, Rush and Faith No More even though all had visited our fair city. Outside of these I had been very busy supporting much of the true “what’s hot in Metal” side by taking part in the Soilwork, Fear Factory and Charred Walls Of The Damned shows and tonight would continue the process by being on point as New York’s own Immolation touched ground below the caverns of Webster Hall in the venue called The Studio. Out in Brooklyn it seemed as though Steven Adler, formerly of Guns ‘N Roses, would be doing a gig with his band but when you added the fact that Arsis would be supporting the Immolation guys, this was a no brainer for me. My friends and I started our night off early at a bar we love called Duke’s over on 19th Street and while a slightly further distance than we would have liked, there is no better place to start the fun for shows in this immediate area. We headed inside just in time to catch the openers Disma and here is how the night went down.
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Charred Walls Of The Damned @ Gramercy Theatre (7/8/2010)

Logo - Charred Walls Of The Damned

Artist: Charred Walls Of The Damned
Venue: Gramercy (New York, NY)
Opener: Don Jamieson, Magus Beast, The Hixon, The Smash-Up
Date: 7/8/20100
Label: Metal Blade Records

Charred Walls Of The Damned is a new Metal project band for former Death and Iced Earth skin basher Richard Christy. The drummer has been out of the Metal loop for a few years based on his working with the Howard Stern radio show but of course once this is in your blood it is only a matter of time before you return to it. I guess it’s like being in the mob. It was not long ago that the bug sunk its fangs deep into Christy’s system and beckoned him back to the Metal stage and to do this time proper he would assemble a killer band to record with in his new group the Charred Walls of the Damned. On guitar he would have producer Jason Suecof and on bass Steve DiGiorgio. The powerful music that would come from such players could only be properly compensated by the incendiary vocal pipes of Tim “Ripper” Owens who for many fans of the genre can do no wrong. Their self-titled album has been getting some positive reviews and this release would be the focus of their set tonight. They would have a few regional bands as support in each stop but the direct support space was relegated to comedian Don Jamieson from “That Metal Show”; the program hosted by Eddie Trunk. Here is how the larger part of the night went down for those who might have missed it.
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Unleashed @ The Chance (2/9/2007)

Even though the band was performing this same week at B.B. King’s, I made the decision to head upstate to see friends and then check out the band at The Chance in Poughkeepsie NY. It would be my first time ever hitting the venue and seeing two of the bands on the bill tonight. The Death Metal was being delivered in force tonight by not only the headliner but by openers Belphegor and Krisium as well. We were sure to be there in time to cover all of the main label bands and should you like to learn more just click their logo below. It shall bring you over to the main PiercingMetal.com site.

Logo - Unleashed

Artist: Unleashed
Venue: The Chance (Poughkeepsie, NY)
Opener: Krisium, Belphegor
Date: 2/9/2007
Label: SPV Records

When it came down to Sweden’s Death Metal masters Unleashed coming over for a tour and bringing with them the mighty Krisiun and Belphegor, I knew that I wanted to do the review at one of the other stops on the tour this time around. The opportunity would arise for me to do just that with the bands appearance at Poughkeepsie, NY’s The Chance Theatre. This former Opera house is a great place to see a Metal show based on its actual layout. There is a spacious upper level and the space where the orchestra pit used to be is now where the Metal maniacs mosh to their hearts delight. On arrival, we found the show to be starting a little later than we had expected as not only would the three major bands be playing, but also two unsigned groups as well. To be honest, both of them were forgettable since there was nothing different to be enjoyed by them. The first band was ok but the second was worse based on their lead singer being drunk as hell on stage. He berated the audience and then jumped into the pit to mosh with them. It was a very poor display of professionalism and bands like this do not belong on quality bills in this writer’s opinion. Belphegor was up shortly after the time wasting, and proved to the attending crowd why they are one of the most important of the Black Metal bands today. Now signed to Nuclear Blast Records, the Austrian band delivered a competent set of music from their latest release “Pestapokalyse VI”. They are truly heavy and stand for their musical cause with horns raised high. Helmuth is a commanding presence as their front man and during the set, he would frequently speak to the audience showing there is personality behind the power. My only problem during their set was the overall limited audience at hand. Tickets would be available tonight very easily, but perhaps the lack of a full house was based on their performing in New York City’s B.B. King Blues Club the previous night. The venues being in reasonable proximity
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