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Happy 70th Birthday To Johnny Winter (2/23/2014)

Someone is having a very special milestone of a birthday today and yes you are correct it is the one and only Mr. Johnny Winter, a guitar legend among guitar legends. On behalf of the PiercingMetal readers and myself, I would like to say “Happy Birthday Sir”

johnny winter, johnny winter concert photos

Usually I would just post a single photo on the PiercingMetal Facebook but this is a special one and hence gets its own posting on our Blog. Johnny and his band are actually performing later on this evening at B.B. King Blues Club for the final show of what they call “Winter In Winter”. I plan on being there to raise a glass in his honor that’s for sure and you readers at home can count on a full report on the proceedings. Just in case you don’t have a fair mental appreciation of his body of work, I have embedded several links that are worth checking out. They will follow his official website.

Official Website: http://www.johnnywinter.com/

R.I.P. Gary Moore, Legendary Guitarist (2/6/2011)

2011 was already off to a bad start in the eyes of music fans as it had taken both Phil Kennemore (from Y&T) and Don Kirshner from us in January and now it is with great sadness that I announce that the music world has lost the legendary guitar slinger Gary Moore.  He was 58 years old.

The Legend Has Left Us: Gary Moore Is Gone

For many fans Gary Moore first came into public prominence with his band Skid Row and no, not the Hard Rock/Hair Metal group that was fronted at one time by Sebastian Bach but instead a Dublin based Blues Band.  He knew musicians like Phil Lynott and Brian Downey since his high school days and resultant of this had a very early association with their band Thin Lizzy.  He was actually a member at three different points in time which I found very interesting.   Aside from the work with the legendary Irish band, Gary was also known for a nothing short of prolific solo career.  While I was one of those casual fans it was thanks to the efforts of my own music circle that I would enjoy albums like “Corridors of Power” and “Victims Of The Future”.   It was great stuff when you took a larger look at it and Gary’s talents shined like a beacon over much of his competition.   It’s also important to remember just how great and powerful a voice that the musician had under his command.  He was influential to many a Hard Rock and Metal guitar player during these years and even found his music inspiring the Finnish juggernauts Nightwish, who offered the world their take on “Over The Hills and Far Away”.  They did a nice job and you should do a search for it to see for yourself.

In 1990, Moore returned to performing Blues music and while this might have surprised his heavy music fans, it did not at all disappoint them since he did this genre so much justice.  The album “Still Got The Blues” was a fantastic journey into his musical talent and he would remain on this particular road for many more years.   I was never able to enjoy Gary’s talent in the live sense and instead only got to see him on videos, and to listen to his music on record, tape and eventually CD.  He was one of the many that I had hoped to see in my lifetime, but now that is no longer possible.

Gary was vacationing in Estepona, Spain at the time of his death.  No other information has been released.

The impact of Gary’s legendary skills  are far-reaching and we would love to find your own views about the master being left on this memorial as comments.  Please feel free to share your stories about shows attended, the music that inspired you or even your encounters with him in person.  Rest in Peace Gary Moore.  You are once again jamming with Phil Lynott and perhaps even working on material being overseen by Ronnie James Dio.  Thanks for all of your musical gifts to the world.  You shall never be forgotten.

Richie Kotzen @ Highline Ballroom (5/25/2010)

Richie Kotzen was back in NYC for an incredible night of music.  We caught him once before back in July of 2009 and were excited to see him do his thing at the Highline Ballroom this evening.  The amazing guitarist was once a member of Poison and now does a completely different kind of thing that you have to hear to believe.  This show would be a continuing part of his “Peace Sign” tour.

Logo - Richie Kotzen

Artist: Richie Kotzen
Venue: Highline Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 5/25/2010
Label: Independent Artist

Before I even begin this one the readers should be aware that it is by no means a Metal or Hard Rock show report and instead one that lines out how easily we can all expand upon our interests in music of many different flavors. Don’t get me wrong because I love my Metal, but let’s face it, even Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music found its beginnings in other genres. That’s what made this evening’s fun so interesting for me and my friends as tonight’s show was a solo performance by guitarist Richie Kotzen and his band. You may or may not know the musician’s name and that is understandable with the vast amount of axe slingers out there but truth be told, Richie is one that has successfully managed to step out of the role that many first learned his name from and been delivering amazing music for years. Like many fans, I first heard Richie’s name when he stepped into the guitar role in Glam Rock’s own Poison. With the band he delivered the album “Native Tongue” that found some proclaiming featured the best guitar work in the band to date. After moving on from the band he worked with Mr. Big for a few years and albums before switching gears to more soulful Blues-based sense. Trust me in this one folks, its very, very good. Just about a year ago he performed at B.B. King Blues Club for a filled sit down crowd and now tonight would be the Highline Ballroom’s turn.
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Johnny Winter @ B.B. King Blues Club (1/11/2010)

Logo - Johnny Winter

Artist: Johnny Winter
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: William Bell with G.E. Smith & The Uptown Horns
Date: 1/11/2009
Label: Epic Legacy

I know what you’re thinking………Johnny Winter’s concert covered as an show on PiercingMetal.com as opposed to being part of the blog content? While this might confuse the diehard reader of our work, it might also make a whole lot of sense based on the impact that this musician has had on a wide number of genres over the course of his career. Brother to equally legendary Edgar Winter, Johnny has been and remains one of the true greats on electric guitar and when the announcement came about his doing a three night residency at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill we knew that we had to catch at least one of the shows to absorb his mastery. The other reason was based on the need to begin the year with a larger sense of musical appreciation and after having clocked in some 95 shows across 2009, I could think of no better way to start the process again in 2010 than with some amazing Blues Rock. Joining me for the show would be PiercingMetal.com’s own Peter Parrella and Joe Kaufman, and opening up the gig would be William Bell, a legendary Soul singer. This was not my own area of expertise, so I let Pete give us the whole introduction about Mr. Bell’s set and here is what he had to say……
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