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Jarboe @ Santos Party House (6/27/2009)

The Atmospheric/Ambient styling of Jarboe, formerly of the band Swans would perform at a new club called Santo’s Party House in NYC this weekend and I was there to observe and report on what would transpire. The interesting night also found me catching the bands Cult Of Youth and Bloody Panda, one a Celtic Rock act while the other was Doom Metal crushing. Jarboe was continuing to support her latest album “Mahakali” and should you want to learn and see more about the show, just keep on scrolling.

Logo - Jarboe

Artist: Jarboe
Venue: Santos Party House (New York, NY)
Opener: Bloody Panda, Cult Of Youth
Date: 2009
Label: The End Records

Having been left curious and scratching my head just a bit after hearing the two Jarboe CD’s that I’m in possession of, I had to admit that there was enough of a feeling of intrigue in my musical mind to find me open enough to catch her doing her thing in concert. It’s been documented that the singers “J2” CD left me wanting but I had enjoyed enough of its follow up “Mahakali” to find myself at a place called Santos Party House this evening. The interest level arose quite a bit when the prospect of examining a new venue would also be a part of the musical treats this evening and as I arrived at the oddly named venue down on Lafayette Street I realized that it was right around the corner from a favorite restaurant of mine – Nha Trang. For those who are not too clear on Jarboe or what it is she does, well, she is formerly the singer for a band called Swans which was considered a leading Post Punk band. Here is how the event went down this evening.
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