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PiercingMetal Attends Yoshiki of X Japan’s Press Conference (8/11/2014)

Logo - Yoshiki

Yesterday afternoon I was honored to be one of the members of the media who were invited to the Japan Society for a Press Conference that was being held by Yoshiki Hayashi from the band X Japan (I should mention that he pretty much just goes by “Yoshiki” in the media world so I will refer to him as such as well going forward). The Japan Society is a beautiful space located way down on East 47th Street and I’ll add their link at the bottom of this narrative so you can investigate them a little more if you are interested in Japanese Cultural things because they certainly have a lot of fascinating programs to offer the general public.


Towards the rear of the lobby was a room that appeared to be aimed at Press Conferences and other similar meetings and it was nicely set up for us to hear what Yoshiki was going to say.  According to the Press Release that I received for this happening, the musician would be lining out the bands details about their upcoming one night only performance at Madison Square Garden and his comic book collaboration with the great Stan Lee (master of all things Marvel Comics).

japansociety_081014_02Part of the reason Yoshiki was here was also to do a walk through of Madison Square Garden and that kept the press conference from starting at its exact time but no one seemed to mind that since this was going to be an interesting listen for sure.  Get excited devotees of Yoshiki, because he was going to walk through this very door soon……(queue dramatic music)
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