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PiercingMetal Goes To The “Blondie 40th Anniversary Exhibit” (9/30/2014)

Logo - Blondie

A few days ago I mentioned that there was a display of classic Blondie photographs being displayed at the Chelsea Storefront Gallery only a few feet down from the Hotel Chelsea. It is a part of the Blondie 40th Anniversary Celebration and the exhibit features photos by guitarist Chris Stein, Mark Gruen, Mick Rock, Mark Weiss and more. Since I only had today to see this since it was ending at 8:00pm on the night I was out in the city, I made sure to get over to the gallery. I was heading to the headlining show by Otherwise at The Studio at Webster Hall a little later so this was a perfect additional adventure to partake in.


I’ve handled this in the similar fashion to other narratives of this kind and that means only a little bit of dialogue from me and mostly photos for you to enjoy. Let’s get this party started with the first thing visitors see when they enter the gallery. I’ll talk more about this one at the end of the piece so stick with me.

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