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PiercingMetal’s K.P. Interviewed By Blogworld

Some of my readers might remember when we covered the Blog World and New Media Expo back in 2011 but if its news to you then just click the link to know what I am talking about. It was an interesting visit for sure and since that time I have kept up with their articles and topics of discussion because they are very helpful to anyone who needs to keep their Social Networking in play and better entertain their audience with their blogs or official websites. Like most enterprises these days, the Blog World Expo (now referred to as New Media Expo) has an Official Facebook Page and I enjoy being an active participant to their postings and learning from the members of their online community.

That brings me to this really cool recent happening where I was approached by Allison Boyer (a writer for the BWE Blog and owner of Blog Zombies) who wanted to do a quick interview with me about the process and practices I have as founder of the PiercingMetal website and its companion blog and how some of my ideas might help out the aspiring creative. It was indeed an honor to be asked and to get to share my thoughts about the whole process with the readers of Blog World. Many thanks to Allison for the interest in what I am doing with the PiercingMetal brand and for allowing me to speak to their audience.

Check out the interview on the Blog World site by clicking HERE.

Official Website www.blogworld.com

PiercingMetal Goes To: Blogworld & New Media Expo 2011 @ Javits Center

To say that I had been keeping a busy couple of weeks would be an understatement. Since the Sunday before last I had been occupying my time with both concert appearances and a number of conventions that were happening in the area. It’s obvious to the readers of the site and the official blog that the concert reports are one of the main things we do as a music journalist for your entertainment, but the conventions are still a relatively new territory that we are exploring in our quest to keep you enlightened and aware of what is out there in our fair metropolis.  As an online provider of music overview and photography, I was immediately intrigued by the listing of the Blogworld & New Media Expo that was going to be running at the Javits Center this week.

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