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PiercingMetal Meets The Heavy Metal Mayhem Show!!! Again :)

Followers of the website adventures and happenings that get broadcast via the official blog might recall that it was about a year ago when I was asked to participate in one of the episodes of “The Heavy Metal Mayhem Show”.  The program that airs on the Blog Talk Radio site and is hosted by Mike “The Big Cheese” Catricola and focuses primarily on the classic era of the genre while also making room for today’s up and coming talent.    After forming a Metal kinship with Mike based on our mutual love for the Metal scene and the amazing music that it offers the fans we decided to join forces and work together a little more regularly and I am now proud and honored to inform my kind supporters that I am the official “Metal Man On The Street” for the Mayhem show.

So what does that mean you might be asking. Well, the answer is simple. Since the site launch back in April of 2005, PiercingMetal.com has offered its readers one of the most comprehensive regional calendars of events for the NYC Metro area. This began as a simple concert listings overview that has since been expanded to feature special appearances and signings, key releases and other events that relate to the interests of the Metal music fans of our area. If you have not yet seen it and live in our Metropolis, please hit THIS LINK and bookmark it because it will really come in handy if you like to go out and about. Now where was I? Oh yes, how this works with the Mayhem show.

Every week I will be calling in and reporting to the listening audience of the program to let them know what is happening in the coming days. It’s very exciting to be helping out not only on the show, but also to work better at supporting the overall scene. I kicked off my segment during the shows 3rd Anniversary broadcast and look forward to bringing you the latest. I am sure that sometimes Mike and I shall discuss some of the stuff taking place but that will be as his time allows during the show. All I can say is “stay tuned”. To enjoy the Heavy Metal Mayhem Show on Blog Talk Radio, just click the logo below.

You can also follow the Mayhem over on their Official Facebook Page and don’t forget to add our own for good measure if you are not already doing so.

Heavy Metal Mayhem Show on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Theheavymetalmayehmradioshow
PiercingMetal Official on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PiercingMetal

“Let the Mayhem be kicked up a notch effective……..NOW!!!”

PiercingMetal Ken meets The Heavy Metal Mayhem Show

Although it is not a new service by any stretch of the imagination, it is relatively new to me and I am speaking about Blog Talk Radio.  I had heard it discussed a few times over the past year but never really deeply investigated into how I could use it for what we do over on PiercingMetal.com, but I admit that there is some level of interest in my mind to using it.   Blog Talk Radio is a pretty descriptive title and allows you to follow talk shows that you have interest in, or even push your own personal envelope a little further by hosting your own show for all the Internet to enjoy.  It’s been an active Internet presence since 2006 and with that being said, I recently learned about a Heavy Metal show being hosted by an old friend from the NYC Metal scene Tommy Falanga and his buddy Mike Catricola and they call it “The Heavy Metal Mayhem Show”. They do two shows a week and seem to lean to the more classic era bands with some time for the newer things. This past weekend after running around at two of our regional concerts with both Blind Guardian and Epica, I relaxed on a Sunday evening to catch their show and enjoy their jokes about things that amused them. Anyways, their expected call in guest for the show was Marcie Free who some fans might know as one time being Mark Free (the former lead singer for King Kobra). Sadly for some reason the singer never called in and with my being in the show’s chat window was asked to call in and discuss some of the recent live concert adventures I had seen for the Metal Republic. Click the logo to hear this very show and know that I come in at around the 55 minute mark and remain with the guys for the length of the program. It was a lot of fun going back and forth with them and I think that Blog Talk Radio might be something that a lot of music fans enjoy. I hope you like my views on the show and perhaps we three shall all talk again sometime in the future.

Click Logo To Hear The Show Being Discussed In This Post

The Blog Talk Radio website allows you to play the show in your own player, and since I am a Windows user, I opted to do this in Windows Media Player.  It allows you a little more control of the show and the chance to speed through or repeat something that you might wish to hear again.  Enjoy.

PiercingMetal & Social Networking: Blog Talk Radio

Blog Talk Radio: Much like the fact of how blogs seemed to make everyone in the world a writer, and Model Mayhem made everyone who submitted photos a “model”, BTR in some sense has made anyone who has the grit to do it, an Internet Radio show host. The premise is actually pretty cool in my humble opinion because conventional radio is practically a dead medium at this point and not everyone feels like doling out the bucks to have a Satellite system. In contrast to this, at the end of the day almost everyone in the world DOES have an Internet connection at their home, office and some even carry it around on their mobile devices whether it be a Smart Phone or Ipad or Netbook. That makes the potential to have some interesting stuff a very high number. As a fan and supporter of the Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music scene, I made sure to become “a fan” of shows like the “Heavy Metal Mayhem Show” which is hosted by Mike Catricola. It’s an enjoyable two hours and Mike does not put on airs as being “the one resource for all things” and is instead a regular Joe who is trying to support a genre he strongly believes in. That’s never a bad thing. The service seems easy to use and you only appear to need your Internet connection and a regular telephone. From there you set up the schedule and begin hosting the show.

At the suggestion of some media associates who realize that I often have a lot “to say” by maintaining an online reviews website, I have created an account on Blog Talk Radio for PiercingMetal.com but it has yet to be used to any extent. People who wish to be made aware of when it finally goes into production can find me by clicking the logo above as that will take you over to my account. I think you need to sign up as well to “subscribe”. It does seem like fun, but once again the issue of what can be broadcast over these waves comes into question (much like what is “permissible” in YouTube land). Add to this the amount of time to be a regular host for such a program. Although I admit it would be great to be able to showcase a number of the amazing bands that I listen to each day as a Music Journalist.

If you want to learn more about the actual company and service as a whole, you can read their Wikipedia entry HERE.