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CANCELLED: Flotsam and Jetsam @ Blackthorn 51

Based on the current Coronavirus Pandemic, this venue has closed its doors for the duration and the show is postponed with an undetermined date of rescheduling at the time of this update. Please keep tabs on your favorite social networks for the venue and group and watch this calendar for the very latest listing updates.

Legendary Thrash Metal artists Flotsam and Jetsam land in Queens, NY and will deliver their classics. Don’t miss them.

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Three Tremors @ Blackthorn 51

The Three Tremors have set their sights on Queens, NY and will raze the venue to the very foundation. Don’t miss this one if you can help it.

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POSTPONED: Powerglove @ Blackthorn 51

Due to concerns about the Coronavirus Pandemic. Blackthorn 51 has closed their doors until further notice. This show is postponed with no rescheduled date at the time of this update. Please refer to this calendar and venue socials for the latest listing updates.

Powerglove will be joined by Immortal Guardian for their “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” tour on their stop in Queens. No controller necessary.

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Ross The Boss @ Blackthorn 51

Ross The Boss (formerly of Manowar) will bring on the Metal in Queens. Don’t miss out.

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Enforcer & Warbringer @ Blackthorn 51

Enforcer and Warbringer have teamed up for a tour and they are making a top in Queens. Don’t miss it.

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