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“Christmas Eve” (Single) by Blackmore’s Night

Artist: Blackmore’s Night
Title: “Christmas Eve” (Single)
Label: Minstrel Hall Music
Release Date: 11/1/2013
Genre: Folk/Holiday
Rating: 3/5

It was way back in the bygone days of 2006 when I reviewed a holiday album by Blackmore’s Night with “Winter Carols”. It was a collection of Christmas themed ditties and if you’d like to learn more you can click HERE to see that archive review piece. I’m pretty sure that this release is now long out of print since I don’t think Locomotive Music exists anymore, but I digress. Now, as 2013 heads towards a close we find Ritchie and company issuing a revisited version of one of that albums tracks with the single “Christmas Eve”. After a few listens, I’ve culled together these thoughts about the new version of the track and the other stuff that is included on the release.
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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2012: The Concerts

Looking back on 2012 as a concert going year I had to say that there were a lot of cool highlights for me. Sure I was compiling my “Year End Best Of” to cover all the different things that I’ve examined over the year but with the blog growing faster and faster and more contests happening on it for the crushing shows that hit our town, I decided to keep showcasing a number of the concerts that I saw during the course of the year. Bear in mind that these are my very favorite ones out of the whole bunch. I really had a great time seeing a number of shows but these stood out. Here we go.

1. KISS @ Live On Letterman: I don’t think that I need to go into how cool it is to see a band like KISS in the Ed Sullivan Theatre. The place holds 500 or so people and KISS sells out places that hold thousands more. See why I felt this was special. So yeah.

2. Nightwish and Kamelot @ Beacon Theatre: Nightwish and Kamelot both hold very special places to me as a music scribe and having them paired up for a tour was extraordinary.

3. Trans-Siberian Orchestra @ Prudential Center: This show was the debut of the new “Lost Christmas Eve” themed tour.

4. Roger Waters @ Yankee Stadium: My second time at Yankee Stadium for a massive concert and with Roger playing “The Wall” from front to back I stood awestruck.

5. KISS & Motley Crue @ PNC Bank Arts Center: This was a kickass pairing and the guys in The Treatment were pretty damned good as well.

6. Lamb Of God @ Roseland Ballroom: Metal laid waste to NYC this night.

7. Paganfest @ Gramercy Theatre: Turisas headlined this one and brought along Alestorm, Arkona and Huntress.

8. Sabaton @ Gramercy Theatre: This band is climbing the pole of popularity. Local support

9. Rhapsody Of Fire @ Gramercy Theatre: There was so much drama with the RoF division leading up to this show but you would never notice with the levels of kick ass Power Metal that was happening on the stage.

10. Marillion @ Irving Plaza: Leaders of the Neo-Progressive Rock movement. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them and they even did “Kayleigh”.
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“Shadow Of The Moon” by Blackmore’s Night

Artist: Blackmore’s Night
Title: “Shadow Of The Moon”
Label: Minstrel Hall Music
Release Date: 2/9/2010
Genre: Folk Rock
Rating: 4/5

Originally released on Steamhammer SPV records in 1997, the debut release by Blackmore’s Night “Shadow Of The Moon” has been remastered and now comes care of Minstrel Hall Music. The album is essentially the introduction to the world of the new phase in musical life that was being presented by former Deep Purple and Rainbow axe slinger Ritchie Blackmore who is joined by his then companion, the lovely Candice Night (the couple would eventually marry in 2009). Together they would play an interesting blend of Classical music with a very strong Folk and Renaissance flavor to it and depending on what your tastes are this might be just what you are looking for because it is very, very different from what the conventional Blackmore fans were expecting him to do. In today’s music realm I admit to being a fan of what the band does for the world, but I had to say that when this release was initially distributed I hardly cared what it was all about for my head was in a different place and of course twelve years younger as well. Since that time I have grown to appreciate all of the wonderful melodies and arrangements that they do so it was very interesting to hear the debut release so long after it first came to us. Blackmore plays all of the guitars, be they acoustic or electric, on the album and even offers up a little tambourine and some drums while Candice handles all of the vocals. The end result is a number of great songs that take you to a different place and time and that is very effective when the music can do that to you from just a single listen. There is a warmth to the style of Blackmore’s Night that is not easily duplicated and while the debut release is largely acoustic in nature there are some rocking moments and more up tempo pieces that work out rather well.
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PiercingMetal’s “Best Of” 2008: The Videos and Concerts

Hello again, we are back with the rest of the years “Best Of” for 2008. In an earlier installment I posted all of the albums that blew me away and now its time to showcase the videos and concerts along with a few other quick items. Please take a look down below and get ready to share your own favorites with us.

Logo - The Best Of

The Best DVD’s of 2008:

Various Artists “Roadrunner United” (Roadrunner Records): Filmed concert with Heavy Metal’s finest celebrating the record labels 25th anniversary. Lots of fun stuff here.

Opeth “The Roundhouse Tapes” (Peaceville Records): Filmed during the “Ghost Reveries” tour and a follow up to the CD released last year.

Twisted Sister “Live At The Astoria” (Demolition Records): The SMF’s from NYC remind London and the world about why they are a Metal super power to this very day.

Within Temptation “Black Symphony” (Roadrunner Records): A stunning live concert performance that pairs the Dutch sensations with a full orchestra. This is an amazing show. Audio CD included.

Iron Maiden “Live After Death” (Universal Music): Never before on DVD this classic Iron Maiden show from the “Powerslave” tour, this release was loaded with extras and is listed as required Metal.

Lamb Of God “Walk With Me In Hell” (Epic Records): This documentary took the viewer on a three year trek with the band and was insightful, entertaining and sometimes jarring in its honesty. Great job guys.

Dimmu Borgir “The Invaluable Darkness Tour” (Nuclear Blast Records): The giants of Norwegian Black Metal have their tour captured on DVD for more to enjoy. A great set with a ton of features.

Blackmore’s Night “Paris Moon” (SPV Records): A great concert from the Renaissance Rockers. Bonus CD included.
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“Paris Moon” by Blackmore’s Night

Artist: Blackmore’s Night
Title: “Paris Moon”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 11/6/2007
Genre: Renaissance Rock
Rating: 4/5

For just about a decade now Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night have taken their group Blackmore’s Night around the world to play wonderful shows at Concert Halls and Renaissance Fairs much to the delight of their ever growing fan base. The live DVD “Paris Moon” presents them in concert at the famed Olympia Theatre in Paris France during their 2006 appearance where the band was celebrating the latest album in their catalog, the SPV Records release “The Village Lanterne”. This DVD is actually the second such issue in a row from the group but there are some significant differences between the two that make each one something that the viewer can enjoy without finding too much in the way of repetition. The first one was called “Castles And Dreams” and on this we found them appearing at a Renaissance Festival in Germany. The band was performing under the stars in front of an audience that was largely decked out in traditional Ren-Faire garb while “Paris Moon” gives you the chance to see them do their thing in a beautiful theatre indoors. Having viewed both of the DVD’s I was happy to see a theatrical presentation of the band because I had not yet been able to attend a concert myself and felt that this was the next best thing until I can get around to doing so. While one can agree that a live DVD is not as good as actually being at the show you cannot argue about their effectiveness in reaching a larger audience than any one gig affords them to. Like the previous DVD this one does its job commendably and brings the viewer straight to the front row and center stage as the wonders of Blackmore’s Night unfold before their very eyes.
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