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“The Deafening” by The Deafening

Artist: The Deafening
Title: “The Deafening”
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 10/1/2010
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3.75/5

The Deafening is the name of a relatively new band fronted by the legendary Coco Caine, the seductive Glamstress that once commanded the musical armies of the 80’s with Cocaine The Band. With The Deafening we find the singer approaching the modern day with a black leather boot heel instead of the glitter and her attitude is one of taking numbers and ripping them up in your face. That being said the new musical project presents five of its numbers to the hungry for Rock masses of the world in the form of their EP which is self titled. The release starts off with the rocking “Bass To The Treble” and it’s hard to not find you head bopping and foot stomping in time with it as Coco and the boys drive home the point. During the tune guitarist Eddie Animal showcases some serious lead guitar chops and that makes the listener know quickly that he must have studied the teachings of the greats back in his bedroom as he honed his craft in those days of youth. “Less Clean” follows up and demonstrates some of the incredibly powerful vocal register of Coco. The lady can belt them out without a doubt and I must inform you that it’s a melodic register and not her just screaming for the sake of being able to do so while the band pumps out the notes behind her. “The Jackals” is pretty good as the singer tells us of her CIA and NRA affiliations but the rest I will leave up to you to decide. During “Fill It In” the band gives us an almost anthem-type number and based on the way it’s flowing musically I can sense this becoming a big crowd tune or one that gets the fists pumping and lighters lighted. Perhaps in this day in age it will be everyone’s smart phones that showcase a lighter as opposed to a real one.
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