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“Ur Jordens Djup” by Finntroll

Artist: Finntroll
Title: “Ur Jordens Djup”
Label: Century Media Records
Release Date: 4/24/2007
Genre: Black Folk Metal
Rating: 4/5

I’m certain that once you have heard the kind of Metal that Finntroll is best known for that you will not soon forget them. This is a very good thing as it has been awhile since we last heard from the guys for back in 2006, after the tour to support “Nattfodd”, the band would part ways with singer Tapio Wilska with “personal differences” being their reason. It was hardly the way to cap off a successful US invasion but happen it did and now the pressing business would be finding a suitable replacement in order to continue their unique brand of Pagan Folk Metal mayhem. After some searching and much drinking they found a like minded maniac to continue the pillaging in their new singer Vreth. The drinking continued and recordings were done at the Sonic Pump studios and the result finds that Finntroll has indeed returned. The fruit of their labors over the past year and a half are to be discovered with “Ur Jordens Djup”. The title is translated to “From The Depths Of The Earth” and I could think of nothing more appropriate when it comes to Finntroll.
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