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Green Carnation @ Knitting Factory (2/27/2006)


Artist: Green Carnation
Venue: Knitting Factory (New York, NY)
Opener: Beyond The Embrace
Date: 2/27/2006
Label: The End Records

For those who are as new to the music of Green Carnation as I am you will be surprised to find that the band itself is celebrating a 15 year existence. Constantly displaying an interesting combination of music the band has changed their style on every album released merely because it is what they feel must be done. The changes are not due to record companies restrictions or what “is hot” at the moment. My first exposure to the group would be with 2005’s “The Quiet Offspring” which was a collection of Hard Rock tracks with some progressive melodies mixed in for good measure. It was a solid recording that when you listened to it would make you wonder why more people were not aware of them. Their latest effort entitled “The Acoustic Verses” is indeed that, a well-thought out and moody release with many Pink Floyd undertones. The overall catchy nature to this band and this release as well had me wondering why it has taken so long for them to come to the USA and play. Tonight that would no longer be an issue and the setting for this evening would be the Knitting Factory “Tap Room” in NYC. The club is more known for jazz and blues bands but of late has given sway to some great Metal performers. Tap Room is a smaller section of the club and provided fans an intimate setting to enjoy the music, a perfect setting for the level of music one expects on the acoustic release. Sadly, when I spoke to leader T’Chort and singer Kjetil I was asked what songs would I play if I were in the band for it seemed that the acoustic guitars were still in the UPS office back in Oslo. “What can Brown do for you?”; ruin your tour apparently. As a result the band would play different music than that which was planned and it seemed as though their heavier music fan base was more in attendance so perhaps for NYC that this would work best.
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Therion @ B.B. King Blues Club (9/14/2005)

Logo - Therion

Artist: Therion
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Beyond The Embrace
Date: 9/14/2005
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

It was only recently that I first heard the music of Therion and I was excited to discover that they were coming to perform for the very first time in the USA as a headliner. One of the stops on the tour would be a show at the one and only B.B. King Blues Club. I have lost count of the amount of great shows this venue has had over the course of the year and this one will definitely add to it. New York City always seems to be a highlight of any bands tour and even more so when it is their first time to the Country ever. Therion was scheduled to play as headliner for one of the nights of the popular ProgPower USA Festival.
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Iced Earth @ Starland Ballroom (6/14/2004)

iced earth logo

Artist: Iced Earth
Venue: Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ)
Opener: Trivium & Beyond The Embrace
Label: SPV Records
Date: 6/14/2004

Normally I would not compose a review for a band that I had just seen very recently. However, this second chance to see Iced Earth perform had a few reasons for getting me to do it. As the Metal World knows by now, Drummer Richard Christy had left the band in the middle of the tour to focus on his interests in comedy. More specific for the Howard Stern radio program which is out of New York. He has since obtained the position, so congrats to him. Jumping into the drum chair was the incredible Bobby Jarzombek (formerly of Halford, Riot, & Pain Museum). Bobby had been in the band a few short weeks but he was a natural fit. Thunderous double bass drumming and solid fills were par for the course this evening. I even saw him providing extra backing vocals when it was needed. A welcome addition to this lineup in my humble opinion.
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Amorphis @ B.B. King Blues Club (3/20/2005)

amorphis logo

Artist: Amorphis
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club – NYC
Opener: Into Eternity, Beyond The Embrace
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Date: 3-20-2005

Finnish legends Amorphis returned to New York City for one show to support their latest release entitled “Far From The Sun”. This release on Nuclear Blast Records finds the band with a new lead singer and an entirely different approach to their brand of metal. When one looks at band tour schedules, you will see that B.B. King Blues Club seems to be getting every single metal act that is on the road. It’s pretty interesting touring nowadays. I think I have been to this venue over a dozen times to cover shows and it does not seem to have a slow down yet. Always a good thing to have one venue at least you can trust to bring you the latest and greatest in Heavy Metal performances.
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