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PiercingMetal’s Peek @ Mezco Toyz “Toy Fair 2015″ Offerings

Of the InToy Fair 2015 was around the corner and once again PiercingMetal.com was one of the small group of press outlets invited to the inner sanctum of the Mezco Toyz company in order to get an advance look at their latest offerings. I would be joined by my stalwart colleague in arms, Skeleton Pete Parrella and present you with my findings in this post. Take a deep breath, map out how you might want to use that surplus cash going forward in this new year and continue on deep into this narrative. Licensed properties from “Breaking Bad”, “Sons Of Anarchy”, “Mortal Kombat” and “Batman” will join up with their long standing “Living Dead Dolls” and “Mezitz”. Here we go….


The members of the Press were greeted by the company mascot Gomez. Don’t worry folks, he doesn’t bite 🙂

mezco toyz, mezco toyz 2015 toy fair preview

We were all escorted over to the conference room which had been setup to showcase all of the new offerings and in the center of the room were some banners. One banner featured the “Mortal Kombat X” license so we shall begin with those images.

mezco toyz, mezco toyz 2015 toy fair preview
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Out Today: “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” (Deluxe Edition)

Remember a few months ago when I posted how “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” was being released on DVD and Blu-ray at long last and had been done so in two separate chapters?  I hope so because it was great to find this time honored Batman story being given the animated feature treatment.  If any film needed to be made it was this one.

Bluray - Batman TDKR - 1Bluray - Batman TDKR - 2

So my reason for this post is to say how happy I am to inform you that now there is a special edition release of the film that puts the two chapters together in one volume.  Check it out (I pasted the Blu-ray art since that is the direction that the majority of my video purchases have been going).

Bluray - Batman TDKR - DE

Having already done two full blog postings about the release I will leave you with the link to examine the official Wiki for any additional details on it.

Official Wiki Entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman:_The_Dark_Knight_Returns_%28film%29

If you’ve not ordered either chapter it’s probably best to just grab this one. I’ve put both the standard edition DVD and Blu-ray along with the trade paperback by Frank Miller. While I know that I have said this before, I will remind you again that if you do not own this story in your comic book library than it needs to be added immediately.

Out Today: “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” Part 2

I’ll admit that I felt that the second chapter of “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” would have come out a little sooner than four months later but here we are at the exciting second chapter and finale of the animated film that brings to life Frank Miller’s amazing tale of a not too far in the future Batman.

Bluray - Batman TDKR - 2

The film picks up where Part One ended and continues Batman’s struggle against the new faces of crime in his later years. If you read the original comic then you know he will go head to head against Superman and also run into The Green Arrow and Catwoman with this one. Here are the additional voice players that come into play with Part Two.

Cast Introduced in Part 2
Mark Valley as Superman
Robin Atkin Downes as Oliver Queen
Tress MacNeille as Selina Kyle
Jim Meskimen as President
Conan O’Brien as David Endochrine

Sadly I didn’t get to see the first part yet so I better catch up with those of you who have.

Official Wiki Entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman:_The_Dark_Knight_Returns_%28film%29

You can order the film on standard edition DVD an Blu-ray disc. I also have embedded the classic Frank Miller mini-series that told this incredible story in its collected Trade Paperback form.

Out Today: “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” Part 1

As a pretty close to lifelong comic book fan and since I know pretty much where my readers heads are at about the medium, I hope that I can say that you are as excited as I am about the new DC Comics Animated Feature for “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns”. To say that this was a classic tale in the Batman canon would be an understatement.

Bluray - Batman TDKR - 1

The film is being released on video today and since it went straight to the medium as opposed to being an opening in the theaters fans don’t have to wait too long to own a copy. They can just show up at wherever they get their goods and say “Gimme one”. “Batman The Dark Knight Returns” was written and drawn by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson and takes place in a dystopian future where Batman has returned to fighting crime at 55 years of age. The world is a different place for sure and even the Caped Crusader was going to have his hands full. It will be interesting to see how they work this out as an animated show but I am glad that we are getting it. The only part that leaves me curious is what made them choose to do this in two separate releases. Yes there will be a part two for the conclusion. Here is a peek at the voice cast.
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