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“Batman Day” @ Forbidden Planet

Today is “Batman Day” and its the best way to celebrate all things involving the Caped Crusader. During the day, comic book mavens can get special edition comic books for FREE along with discounts on other related items. If Forbidden Planet in NYC is not a logistical possibility then use the Comic Shop Locator tool to find the participating retailer nearest you.

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Today Is “Batman Day” err I Mean “Harley Quinn Day” @ Participating Retailers

Back in July I shared the report that this year’s “Batman Day” was being rechristened as “Harley Quinn Day” in celebration of the characters 25th Anniversary. That day is today and if you head to your local participating comic book retailer you should be able to secure some awesome discounts and a couple of freebies but remember that for those last things it will be while supplies last.

According to some research, the free comics are as follows:

BATMAN DAY 2017 SPECIAL EDITION #1: “I Am Bane” part one! Bane is coming for Batman. Bruce must keep those he loves safe for five days in order to save Gotham Girl once and for all. But Bane will stop at nothing, and no one is safe. This features a new cover by Ryan Sook

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Today: “Batman Day 2016” @ Participating Retailers (9/17/2016)

Greetings my comic book loving readers. It’s Batman Day for 2016 and that means that your participating retailers are making it all about the Caped Crusader with freebie coolness, discounts on related materials to the Dark Knight and in some establishments there will be Batman related activities throughout the day. I love that this happens because it surely generates an interest in the comic collecting hobby and now that the DC Universe “Rebirth” is underway there are a number of brand new Batman titles to purchase and start following right from the beginning.


Below is the cover for the free “Batman” #1 which has been re-branded to reflect “Batman Day” and you can take one home with you. I would suggest that you get their early for that since its while supplies last and people get ravenous for free stuff all the time. The interior content is exactly the same as the original issue but sometimes there is a bonus feature to enjoy as well and of course you can see the variant cover for “Batman Day”.

"Batman #1" Batman Day Special Edition
“Batman #1” Batman Day Special Edition

Support your local comic book store by paying them a visit and bringing along a little extra cash so you can take advantage of any sales that are going on in honor of Batman Day.

Official Website: http://www.dccomics.com
Official Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman

“Batman Day 2016” @ Participating Retailers


It’s Batman Day for 2016 my friends and that means that your participating retailers are making it all about the Caped Crusader today. There is a free Special Edition comic book to take home but you better get their early for that since its while supplies last. Support your local comic book store.

Today Is “Batman Day” for 2015

Greetings citizens of this great Gotham City, it is once again “Batman Day” and if this is completely new to you then welcome to the party. This event started last year during the Caped Crusaders own 75th Anniversary and I thought it was pretty cool since they were giving out free Batman masks and comic books at participating comic book retailers and specialty shops.

Logo - Batman Day - 2015

This year you can get yourself a shiny copy of the comic book that you see presented below which not only gives you an action packed story in “Batman Endgame” but also gives you a few pages look inside the upcoming “Batman and Robin Eternal” comic book that should be on the stands in the coming months. We’re getting this post online nice and early because the early bird gets the worm or in this case the freebie comic book. I am unsure if there is anything else being offered this year and I think we might only be getting the comic book which is still not a bad thing when you consider that an issue of this size would normally run you about $3.00; This is open as long as supplies last and once they are gone you will have to hit eBay or something similar I guess.

Comic - Batman Day 1 - 2015

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’ll be heading down to the Park Slope store for Galaxy Comics this time around since they don’t get too many visits from me around these times. If you are in the vicinity you should do the same or hit the Bay Ridge store. Then depending on time I might trek out to Midtown Comics to see what is what. Get your cape and cowl and show us your best “Batusi”. That’s all for now.

Official Website: http://www.dccomics.com
Official Character Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batman