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Presenting Doro’s “Track By Track” Thoughts on “Forever Warriors”/”Forever United”

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For many fans in the Metal Legions of the World, the inimitable Doro Pesch is the reigning Queen. She has kept it going for decades and always brings the fire to the fans with her ever so memorable performances. Having seen her on many occasions over the years I can attest to the good time that one has at a Doro show. This summer finds her releasing not one but two brand-new albums with on Nuclear Blast Records with “Forever Warriors” and “Forever United”. To help raise awareness about the massive undertaking, Doro was filmed offering up a brief notion or two on every single track across the two albums. That’s right, I said EVERY SINGLE TRACK. They started today but in the interest of time and focus (and also to prevent myself from having “25” different Doro posts in a short time frame, I will present them all as one for your enjoyment. Here we go…

“All For Metal”:


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Staramba Presents: “Doro” Band 3D Figurines

As readers of the PiercingMetal Site are well aware, we have attended Toy Fair for several years to bring the latest and greatest stuff that speaks to our comic book and film related topics and sometimes there are awesome items that relate to one of the killer bands that get discussed on these pages. With that said, a company called Staramba has created scaled miniatures of Doro Pesch and her band. Check out the press below and some images and then I’ll return with personal opinion.

Logo - Staramba

The Press Release:
2015-10-26 – DORO Pesch has played more than 2,800 concerts in more than 60 countries across four continents in her thirty year plus career – and now the metal queen comes to your home, whenever you want, wherever you want, forever!

Staramba has made this incredible feat possible. From now on, the Berlin-based startup company offers DORO and her entire band as terrific 3D figures in different sizes. DORO and the band look incredibly realistic, this is due to the unique technology (photogrammetry scanner 3D Instagraph), which scans persons within a few seconds. Afterwards, lifelike and full-coloured figures emerge shift by shift in a highly-modern 3D printer.

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Doro @ Gramercy Theatre (9/9/2011)

Logo - Doro

Artist: Doro Pesch
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Operatika, Desdemon
Date: 9/9/2011
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The Queen has returned “All Hail The Queen!!!” Yes my friends; Doro Pesch the one true Metal Queen was back in her adopted home of New York City and performing a few choice shows for her loyal subjects. Right off the bat this was impressive to me because it was not much more than a week ago that the singer had returned from Germany to her Long Island home only to find that it had been destroyed by the recent Hurricane Irene. Reports hit the Metal websites about flooding and loss of numerous personal treasures and stage items but rather than disappoint her fans with a cancellation, she pressed on and said the gig would commence just the same. Thank you Doro, as you are truly an inspiration to us all in terms of personal inner resolve and strength. On behalf of the Metal Republic I proudly say “we love you”. The gig this evening would be at The Gramercy Theatre and the celebration would surround the recently released “25 Years In Rock” DVD/CD that was recorded in 2008 and features a full concert, a documentary and a live CD. Talk about a chock full of Metal package.
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“After Forever” by After Forever

Artist: After Forever
Title: “After Forever”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 9/25/2007
Genre: Melodic Gothic Metal
Rating: 4.5.5

I’m happy to report that I had been a fan of After Forever’s for a few years by the time that their signing to Nuclear Blast Records was announced, so when this happened I was not only excited about it but I also felt that I had a little bit more lead into what a whole new world of Metal fans would soon experience and most definitely enjoy. For those unaware, After Forever is a Dutch Symphonic Melodic Metal band that started out a little more on the Operatic side and this was when such a style was not as common as we find today. Since forming in 1995 they have morphed in sound and style and as result found themselves at times Dark Metal and almost always on the Progressive side. With After Forever music it is continually about power and majesty and now with their self-titled debut on Nuclear Blast Records are giving a brand new audience a taste of not only how they sound today but also a little look back into their storied past. The band was previously signed to the now defunct Transmission Records along with their current label mates Epica, another Dutch band of note that features AF’s former guitarist Mark Jansen. He would start Epica after leaving the ranks of AF and while they share a label once again each band offers the listener enough difference to have them equally enjoyable without any fear of repetition. Can we say that one group is better than the other well that is up to the listener to decide and I have to admit that I like the two acts equally. The newest album “After Forever” begins with a rousing flourish as the tune “Discord” kicks into gear and offers up a great Beauty & The Beast vocal duel. As soon as the song is underway you realize just how incredible the voice of Floor Jansen is.
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“Invisible Circles” by After Forever

Artist: After Forever
Title: “Invisible Circles”
Label: The End/Transmission Records
Release Date: 8/24/2004
Genre: Melodic Gothic
Rating: 7.5/10

After Forever teased fans with what they were capable of on “Exordium”; now with “Invisible Circles” we get a better idea of the kind of power that this group holds in its hand. The band is labeled as Melodic Dark Metal and this fits especially well based on the lyrical storyline that is the basis of the album. The Soprano that is Floor Janses blends her amazing voice with the sad topics of loss, hardship and disappointment in one’s self. Behind her is a forceful group of talented musicians made up of Bas Maas (guitar, vocals), Sanders Gommans (guitars, grunts), Luuk Van Gerven (bass), Lando Van Gils (synths) and Andre Borgman (drums). The 6 member band has a full and in your face sound based on their musical abilities and the varied style of vocals presented during the songs. Both Sanders and Ben offer Floor accompaniment during the songs to some good result. Lead Singer Floor Jansen is stunning in her looks and a hurricane with her vocal prowess. One thing I felt when I heard her sing was a commanding power that is unlike the group’s peers in Nightwish and Epica (also Dutch and led by former After Forever guitarist Mark Jansen). The piece wastes no time in showing you that After Forever means business with the rousing “Beautiful Emptiness” and it begins the tale of a young girl, a child of loveless parents. The enclosed booklet allows you to get the whole story in a lot more detail throughout its 16 pages. The story itself has some interesting moments but the dialogue between the central characters that is blended in some of the songs takes a little bit away from it. The level of some of this seems distant, and my guess was they wanted you to feel this was being overheard from a distance. That kind of perceptions is better left for video or television since an album makes you question your hearing or the recording process. I think that to make this a better concept album, the dialogue should have been less prevalent and perhaps spread out more between the songs..
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