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Kingston & GreyStarr “Don’t Change” (INXS Cover) Official Video

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If my memory serves me properly, my first awareness of the musical duo known as Kingston & GreyStarr came when they were backing vocalists for guitarist Punky Meadows. Punky is an original member of the band Angel and he had assembled a whole company of players to bring originals and Angel classics to life. I loved the dynamic that the ladies brought to those songs and now they seem to have branched out on their own and offered up a take on “Don’t Change”, a song by INXS that was sung by the late great Michael Hutchence. I’ve secured the Official Video and will share my thoughts down below.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Now before I say too much on this, be aware that this is mostly going to be a review of the video itself and not the actual single of the music. I like to do those separately because it just builds up the content base all the better. That being said, “Don’t Change” was the first song that I ever heard from INXS and I just loved it. Back in my youthful music upbringing I had a strong love for the New Wave sound and this one was indeed a special track to me. So about the video, its essentially a live, in studio performance video with no overall storyline behind it and we find both Kingston and GreyStarr singing and dancing around across the track with the occasional visual of a band member playing their respective instrument. In case you wondered that is Kingston handling the lead vocal on the number and she performs commendably. There is a lot of vibrant color in the video as it plays out but the shots are almost always straight on looks at the ladies but since they both are lovely I don’t feel anyone will complain about that. I enjoyed this clip and will be laying some focus on the single as soon as time permits.

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/kingstonandgreystarr/