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Baptized By Fire: Live Photos @ Starland Ballroom (12/22/2006)

I was rocking out holiday style for the first-ever Twisted Sister Christmas show at the Starland Ballroom but before they would come out we had to warm up with the opening act that was called Baptized By Fire. The band featured Dee’s own son and the show was discussed in full on THIS LINK. Now please enjoy the few photos that were captured during their set.

baptized by fire, baptized by fire concert photos
Baptized By Fire by Ken Pierce (2006)

baptized by fire, baptized by fire concert photos
Baptized By Fire by Ken Pierce (2006)

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Twisted Sister Christmas @ Starland Ballroom (12/22/2006)

Twisted Sister as a Christmas Act? Yeah it might seem weird to read but the band recently released their album of holiday favorites entitled “Twisted Christmas” and it’s a bona fide hoot. Tonight in Sayreville, NJ we would witness the bands first live presentation of this stuff along with a number of classics and you have to see it to believe it when it all comes down to it.

Logo - Twisted Sister

Artist: Twisted Sister
Venue: Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ)
Opener: Baptized By Fire
Date: 12/22/2006
Label: Razor & Tie Music

It was truly a dark and stormy night when we trekked out for this one, but how could you pass up the chance to see the one and only Twisted Sister as they perform music from their recently released Christmas Album. No, you are not seeing things and I am not crazy but the S.M.F’s actually put together the hardest rocking, candy cane smashing set of songs this side of the mistletoe and tonight would definitely be one for the memory books. The venue would be the Starland Ballroom out in Sayreville, NJ and while I had hoped for a closer appearance, I love this room when it comes to certain bands. It just feels better. After missing the exits a couple of times we were inside and witnessing a dreadful Trash meets Glam band. I made no note of their name and I was not the only one wishing them off the stage. The follow-up group would be more interesting and their name Baptized By Fire. They’re a band that delivers hard-edged Rock and Roll with a slightly Punk twist to it. There was some catchy stuff to be found in their set but the shining star in the band was a young lad named Jesse Blaze Snider (yes, the son of the Twisted Sister front man). He has a lot of his Dad in him as far as stage presence and delivery goes and this should take him far. Watch for these guys if they should be opening a local area show near you.

twisted sister, twisted sister christmas, twisted sister concert photos, twisted sister christmas photos
Twisted Sister by Ken Pierce (2006)

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