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Motley Crue Announces Official Reunion

The scuttlebutt and not-so hushed rumors were circulating for a few days about this and wouldn’t you know it….the flurry of such a seemingly improbable occurrence on Facebook amounted to be true – Motley Crue has declared their reunion. Read their official statement down below and I’ll return at the close.

motley crue logo

The Press Release:
Almost 6 years after signing a Cessation of Touring agreement, the contract is off the table because a whole new generation of Crüeheads are relentlessly demanding for the band to come back together. Following the huge success of their NETFLIX biopic THE DIRT, Mötley Crüe has seen a massive surge in new audience. And the band best known for breaking the rules has destroyed their cessation of touring contract in true Mötley Crüe-fashion, by literally blowing it up.

After 35 years together on stage, and 30 years since the release of Dr. Feelgood, the members of Mötley Crüe parted ways without speaking to each other after their Final Show on December 31, 2015. Vince, Nikki, Mick and Tommy didn’t come together again until 2018 to participate in the making of THE DIRT movie, which unexpectedly brought them closer together again including seeing them head back into the recording studio after having gone in their own directions for several years. The fuse was lit.
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Rage Against The Machine To Re-Unite; At Coachella 2020

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So it was only yesterday where revealed how the band My Chemical Romance was reuniting for a single show in California (seen HERE in case you were too busy trick or treating). That must have put the Powers That Be in reunion land on notice because now it appears that Rage Against The Machine is also reuniting and will play a handful of shows that include two appearaces at Coachella in 2020. With every single web outlet seeming to post the news, how could I stay away from tossing my hat into the mix.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Truth be told, I never really followed RATM or bothered to try to catch a live performance back when they were in their heyday. I liked a few songs and enjoyed some of the videos that I saw but that was enough for me. They were more of the kind of thing my friends were following and that is what keeps musical discourse between friends an interesting thing. I do love reunions and special event performances so this is pretty much a big deal in terms of happenings and should the group decide on a NYC appearance, I would want to be there as a scribe doing the reporting thing. That’s all I have to add to the mix and I wonder if you readers were big fans or managed to catch them live ever in your life. You can chime in down below and let me know how excited or not that you are about this news. See you next time.

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/ratm4xmas

My Chemical Romance Announce Reunion Performance

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Well how about that for another Halloween treat; It seems that those guys in My Chemical Romance have announced a reunion performance to be held in California at a place called Shrine Expo Hall this December. The Black Parade shall march once more…..but for how long. Read on.

show posters, my chemical romance, my chemical romance show posters

According to the bands official Facebook Page, the details were simple and read as follows:

“Like Phantoms Forever…” Tickets on Sale Friday 11/1/19 at 12:00 PM Pacific HERE

My Chemical Romance Are:
Gerard Way – lead vocals
Ray Toro – lead guitar, backing vocals
Mikey Way – bass guitar
Frank Iero – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
James Dewees – keyboards, backing vocals, percussion

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Sadly I was one of those music fans that somehow missed the boat on a band like MCR. However with that being said I do love reunions when its a band that so many people are over the moon about. Now while I have admitted to never really following the bands career all that much I can say that the songs that I did hear I rather enjoyed. I know that a lot of my friends like them. What do you readers think about this news? Do you think that it will lead intoa full scale reunion tour across the country or even the world? Chime in down below with your own thoughts and again “Happy Halloween”.

Official Links:
My Chemical Romance: https://www.mychemicalromance.com/
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyChemicalRomance/

Stray Cats To Reunite For The 1st Time In Ten Years @ “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend”

Hey all you hip cats and kittens, have I got some groovy jive to lay upon your psyche!!!! It’s the latest crazy in some New Year’s Breaking vibe and the press release below will showcase, The Stray Cats are reuniting. I’m sharing this all with you and can attest to it totally being on the square.

The Press Release:
Brian Setzer, Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom–original founding members of the acclaimed American Rockabilly trio, the STRAY CATS–will reunite for their first North American performance in 10 years on Saturday, April 21 in Las Vegas at The Orleans when they headline “Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend.” The iconic group, known for their high-energy performances with hits such as “Stray Cat Strut,” “(She’s) Sexy + 17,” and “Rock This Town,” are honored to share the stage with such musical legends as Jerry Lee Lewis and Duane Eddy.

“There’s something magic about a Stray Cats show, Viva Las Vegas is the perfect event to experience that. C’mon down and Rock This Town!” –Brian Setzer

“Just a string bass, a guitar and a drum, Stray Cats are back to show em how it’s done. 39 years after our first gigs, we’re back! Can’t wait to Rock again with my brothers Brian and Slim.” –Lee Rocker

“Happy and thrilled to be hitting the stage with the Cats at Viva Las Vegas. We’re The Rockabilly Kings back to reclaim our throne!” –Slim Jim

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Original Line-Up of +Live+ To Reunite For 2017 World Tour

While 2016 found several bands ending their musical projects together after many years, it seems that in 2017 shall come with some reunions which is pretty cool news. Here’s the skinny on the band Live who will be hitting the road at some point in the new year. The full press release comes below the logo.

The Press Release:
The original line-up of +LIVE+–Ed Kowalczyk (vocals, guitar), Chad Taylor (guitar, backing vocals), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass) and Chad Gracey (drums, percussion)–have reunited for a worldwide tour including North America in 2017. The band is now writing and recording new music TBA. *See the Q&A with the band below.

Known as one of the most potent alternative rock acts and concert attractions–with their powerful musical dynamics, vocal fervor and questing lyrics–+LIVE+ will announce tour dates in the new year. The itinerary will be a mix of select headlining shows and key festival appearances.

2017 will mark the 25th anniversary of their debut album Mental Jewelry (released December 31, 1991). The multi-platinum band from Pennsylvania have sold over 22 million albums worldwide and earned two number one albums (Throwing Copper, Secret Samadhi). Their catalog is filled with such gems as “Lightning Crashes,” “I Alone,” “All Over You,” and “Lakini’s Juice,” which live on today as classics at rock radio.

+LIVE+, Chad Taylor, Ed Kowalczyk, Chad Gracey, and Patrick Dahlheimer

The original line-up of +LIVE+ performed their last show in July 2009 before going off in different directions. Rediscovering their friendship has healed old differences, setting the stage for the four members to come together to make music again.
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