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“Attera Orbis Terrarum” by Dark Funeral

Artist: Dark Funeral
Title: “Attera Orbis Terrarum”
Label: Regain Records
Release Date: 11/6/2007
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

So you find that Black Metal is your thing and the more extreme and blasphemous that it is as far as overall content goes then all the better for serving your dark needs. You feel that Dimmu Borgir is too Symphonic for your tastes and that Cradle Of Filth is absurd and if any of this is right on target in describing you then there is no better place for you to direct your hatred for the pious and sanctified than at the feet of those masters from Hell – Sweden’s mighty Dark Funeral. “Attera Orbis Terrarum” captures the band on their first ever live DVD and it is loaded with content that is sure to satisfy the hungriest of Black Metal appetites. It’s also different from other DVD releases of this kind because with this one you don’t only get one show but instead are treated to three professionally filmed appearances of the band in front of the most maniacal of followers. Each show differs in sonic quality and visual and some are better than the others but the bottom line is that this really delivers the goods should this be the band that is high on your list of favorites. The first DVD features the performance from Metal Mania 2005 in Poland and while a little older in terms of its content finds the most professionally filmed show of the three. The Metal Mania folks always manage to use several cameras to the best effect and while a bit streamlined for some of the purists tastes, it is literally best footage that has ever been presented of the band. The song selection is loaded up to the hilt with eleven trips into the profane and blasphemous.
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