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Rotting Christ @ B.B. King Blues Club (2/10/2008)

Rotting Christ were making what appeared to be their first appearance over at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, and this found them allied with Immolation, Belphegor and Averse Sefira as well. Truly this was a Dark Metal night that was second to none. We made sure to be present for all of the bands and those readers who want to learn more can keep scrolling past the logo to be brought to our article. Photos and comments on all are available for your indulgence.

Logo - Rotting Christ

Artist: Rotting Christ
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Immolation, Averse Sefira, Belfegor
Date: 2/10/2008
Label: Season Of Mist Records

Presenting the “Lucifer Over America” tour and what a befitting title it would be for an event that brought together two different continents worth of some of the heaviest and most interesting bands that currently are trampling over the fans of the Black Metal scene. The show was to be headlined by Athens’s Greece underground Metal icons Rotting Christ with direct support from New York’s own Immolation and kicking the whole affair off would be Belphegor and Averse Sefira. The amount of talent on this one made the room attendance be at a considerably high amount very early on so no one would miss the crushing levels of darkness that would be hitting them. I went into this one with very limited background on Rotting Christ outside of knowing they are somewhat legendary in the underground scene and are perhaps the first such a band to come out of their region of the world. It was only through samples that I had heard their songs and while listed as a Black Metal act felt they were something far different. Averse Sefira would be the first band up and here is what happened in case you missed it.
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Emperor @ B.B. King Blues Club (6/1/2007)

Emperor is Symphonic Black Metal. Does anything else really need to be said? Perhaps yes, but more on that later. The band was appearing on what were announced as farewell shows and the first time around were missing their member Samoth. This show found him back in the ranks and the group leveling the club with openers Averse Sefira. We were on point for the Metal community and should you like to learn more just scroll past the logo below to be brought to our thoughts and images from the show

Logo - Emperor

Artist: Emperor
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Averse Sefira
Date: 6/1/2007
Label: Candlelight Records

“Let us all Hail and raise the horns high for the Emperor has returned to guide us into the Darkness of Black Metal once again”. Sorry readers, I honestly felt the need to grab your attention here and given their scope and influence on the Black Metal genre as a whole I am sure that you can agree that Emperor deserves nothing less than words both majestic and grandiose. We are just short of the month and day one year ago where on this very same ground the legions and acolytes to these dark lords stood once before as Emperor made their first appearance in some years. Their absence had seemed like forever but it did make sense since all of the members were now involved in other projects such as solo work and bands like Zyklon. The shows that made it to the states were long sold out and found each venue visited filled to their maximum capacity. It was a great experience to behold as a crowd like this was not easy to get at a show, but we are referring to Emperor. The enthusiasm remained high even though a wrench was tossed into the works as it became clear that their guitarist Samoth would not be able to join these visits based on VISA issues he had encountered. Isahn and company made sure to leave the audience wanting more but the missing guitarist did take something away from the overall sound for that night. In any event it was a memorable show that was talked about for weeks to come on websites and blogs everywhere.
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