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Marvel Comics First Issues Coming In February 2016

Alright, I want to start this month’s first offering with the exclamation that I am so glad that January is over because it was a rough month for music fans. Now with February here I am pretty stoked to be discussing the new comics that are coming out with these first go rounds from Marvel Comics. Some good stuff for sure and a couple of them will get you prepared for some television and big screen presentations. There will be some variant covers to these titles with the continuing “Hip Hop” cover and some will even have a 50th Anniversary Black Panther cover variant but I didn’t have access to those for the purposes of this presentation. Let’s have a look shall we.

"Spider-Man" #1
“Spider-Man” #1

SPIDER-MAN #1: Miles Morales has been doing the super hero thing for a while, now, but after SECRET WARS, he’ll be a full-fledged member of the Marvel Universe. Swinging next to The Invincible Iron Man, The Mighty Thor and the All-New Captain America as a card-carrying member of the Avengers is an adventure, but it’s not all fun and games for New York City’s main Spider-MAN! What happened in the eight month gap? It all starts in SPIDER-MAN #1!

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