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Mayhem Announces “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” North American Tour 2017

The touring announcements for the upcoming 2017 year have started to manifest and I’m going to do my best to keep you informed about the most crushing ones of the batch. The winter months of January and February are going to get much, much colder thanks to the True Mayhem who will be trekking here in honor of their Black Metal masterpiece “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”. Read the full press release below and then I’ll close up with some more thoughts.


The Press Release:
MAYHEM announce “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” North American Tour. MAYHEM, metal’s most controversial band, have announced a new North American tour. The black metal pioneers are set to embark on the “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” tour, performing the band’s landmark debut album in full. The tour begins on Jan 20 in Montreal, and travels throughout the US and Canada before concluding on February 19. Support on this tour comes from Season of Mist label-mates INQUISITION and BLACK ANVIL. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.

Regarding the tour, MAYHEM vocalist Attila comments, “The first time I heard from Mayhem was in ’91-’92 when I received a letter from Euronymous. I did not know that letter was gonna change my whole life… They were looking for a new vocalist for their debut record to replace Dead, who had passed away. Of course I said yes to their offer and in 1993 we recorded the album called ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ one of the most magical recordings of all time. The music opened some altered dimensions that we were simply not able to handle anymore and it unleashed a complete Chaos, which ended up at burning churches and eventually a murder within the band. It was almost impossible to release that record but finally when it came out under the Sun in ’94, it made a strong impact on the whole Heavy Metal scene… The so-called “2nd Wave of Black Metal” born in the cold and dark underground of Oslo. At the same time Mayhem collapsed and got burned down as well. From those ashes the band had to rise once again, when they reunited Mayhem with some old and new members. But that album was always so strong and so unique that even after my reunion with Mayhem in 2004, we were still not comfortable to present it live as a whole thing. Time passed and the whole band got stronger and more experienced. So now in 2016 suddenly we felt it was the time to play that whole record finally, to release That Beast after more than two decades. So ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathans’ finally becomes Alive!”
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SUNN O))) Announces US Live Actions For 2016

Logo - Sunn O)))

I’m constantly trying to keep our readers in the aware when it comes to the touring bands that are out there because with legends like Black Sabbath heading towards their final shows, the fans are going to need to start looking into other groups. It’s also a great time to explore the different avenues taken by some bands to learn just how extraordinary the selection is, That said here is the latest information on the Experimental Drone group SUNN O)))

Tour - Sunn O - 2016

The Press Release:
SUNN O))) has just announced a series of US tour dates for the Spring months, including several massive festival performances.

Following the band’s run through Australia, with shows in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne in mid-March, SUNN O))) will tour though the Southern US in April. First, the band will perform at Big Ears Fest in Knoxville on April 2nd, appearing as one of the main acts alongside the likes of Yo La Tengo, Sun Ra Arkestra, Andrew Bird, Wolf Eyes, and more. The festival will be immediately followed by shows in Nashville, Athens, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Tampa through April 8th. Later that month, SUNN O))) will travel to Austin to take part in Levitation 2016, playing Saturday, April 30th with Brian Wilson, Animal Collective, The Black Angels, Boris, Sleep, The Thurston Moore Group, and countless more.
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Nader Sadek @ Lucky 13 Saloon

Hell comes to Brooklyn as Nader Sadek bring their sonic sound to Lucky 13 Saloon for one of two US performances. Don’t miss the chance to see the band in such intimate quarters.

Tour - Nader Sadek - Fall 2015b

Nader Sadek Announces 3 Exclusive North American Dates

I’ll admit that I am not too up on the music that Egyptian artist Nader Sadek makes with his band outside of the choice tune here or there that I have heard blasting via the Interwebs but that does not stop me from sharing the news that just was posted on his Official Facebook several hours ago with you all. Check out the poster and some notes from Nader and then we can chat a bit more.

Tour - Nader Sadek - Fall 2015a

Press Statement:
“NEW TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT, but first i must extend more thanks to the crew of the ABORTED/NADER SADEK guests Alkaloid and Sallos in Cairo show. My bros Ahmet Kalvin, Shady Khaled, Brutal Mitch, Abdel-Rahman S. Mohamed, Aly ELashry, Nader Casper Theres no way this would have happened as smoothly as it did without you! Now, I will be opening for one of my fav bands IMMOLATION, California Deathfest 2015, then playing 2 single shows NEW YORK citeh, and Montreal, both having SICK line ups. Less than a month away. oct 11, 13,14!”
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Mayhem @ Gramercy Theatre (11/3/2011)

Artist: Mayhem
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Keep Of Kalessin, Hate, Abigail Williams, Woe
Date: 11/3/2011
Label: Season Of Mist Records

Tonight the nefarious Mayhem would return to New York City and be the lead off show into what was being called “The Metal Suckfest” that was happening here at the Gramercy Theatre all weekend. If this is a mystery to you then you should know that this was a NYC only showcase of mass Metal proportions that was being held by the guys that run the Metal Sucks website. A prior commitment for the weekend was going to find me only being present for the lead off show but that is alright because one cannot be everywhere at once even if you try hard to do that. The closest I had come to that was the recent shows by both Doro Pesch and Arch Enemy on the same night but I digress. The bands joining Mayhem this evening would be an interesting grouping of players and of course all very heavy bands in their own right with the genres keeping to both the Black Metal and Death Metal formats. There was no misplaced Funk or Alt-Metal band to distract you from the sinister vibe at this show and that was a very good thing. The evening began with Woe and here is how the show went for those that did not attend.
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