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PiercingMetal Talks To Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine (12/7/2015)

Logo - Megadeth

Megadeth are one of the forefathers of the Thrash Metal movement and on the eve of their announcing their latest touring adventures in support of the forthcoming “Dystopia” album, I had the pleasure of speaking to the bands founder, the great Dave Mustaine. Together we discussed the state of Heavy Metal in this day and age, the selection of new Megadeth members and what fans should expect from the new album and tour. As we didn’t have a whole lot of time to chat, I kept the line of inquiry very quick and to the general point. Here’s our entire discussion.

PiercingMetal: Let me start by saying congratulations on Megadeth surpassing the thirty-year mark. How does it feel to be in command of such a band for that long a time?

Dave Mustaine: I think that anything that you do successfully for a long period of time you have to look at it and ask yourself why is this successful and I think part of that is because we’ve always had one common goal with this band and that was to be true to ourselves and I think that this translates to the fan base. If you believe in what you do, then that starts to lay the foundation for the relationship with your fans that has integrity.

PiercingMetal: Would you think that Metal is in a better place or a worse place today?

Dave Mustaine: It depends because there are so many different genres of Heavy Metal. If you’re saying do I think that Thrash or Speed Metal or Heavy Metal in general is in a better place then it depends because there is a lot of new types of Metal out there. You have Grindcore and all kinds of Black Metal, White Metal, Death Metal just so many other different types but its opened up a lot of doors for different people that are more genre specific that play one very limited type of music and do it really well. I’ve always liked to be able to push the boundaries of what I could do and Megadeth has a lot of influences that are unique to what most Metal bands would do. We have Jazz and Classical influences which I think really helps give us that advantage over a lot of bands that don’t have those influences.
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PiercingMetal Talks To Twisted Sister’s Mark “The Animal” Mendoza (12/3/2009)

As a kid I grew up on all of those Rankin Bass Christmas specials such as “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” and “The Year Without A Santa Claus” and like many others who enjoyed these time honored classics, I could probably recite them word for word and know every verse of the cool songs…..especially the ones sung by Heat Miser and Snow Miser (those guys were soooooo Metal when I think about it today). Fast forwarding to a few years ago we had long been enjoying the magic of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra but for the Metal faithful something was missing…..that something was a tried and true Metal take on the holiday standards and this curiosity about whether such an idea would work or not was answered by the one and only Twisted Sister. The band released the album “A Twisted Christmas” and well its, uhm, ahhhh…..something that you really need to listen to for yourself to properly understand. In my opinion it is an infectious bit of fun that is often hard to turn off. Something you really want to blast loud as you pour a little extra rum into the eggnog. The band set out on tour for this adventurous undertaking and 2009 finds them doing it for the fourth year straight. We recently had the chance to get a few moments of bassist Mark “The Animal” Mendoza’s time and asked him what his thoughts were about this and other recent Twisted Sister happenings. Here is what he had to say.

Logo - Twisted Sister

PiercingMetal: The chill is in the air and thoughts of holiday decorations, presents, spiked eggnog and now Twisted Sister come to mind. How does it feel to be getting ready to do the “Twisted Christmas” show for the fourth year straight?

Mark “The Animal” Mendoza: Freaking incredible. When the project was first conceived, we never thought it would go this far. We are elated that the world has embraced, “A Twisted Christmas.”

PiercingMetal: Rewinding a little bit to the ideas first conception, did you think that Dee had lost his mind when he suggested it? Furthermore, were you surprised at the largely positive response that the album and its videos received.

Mark: I was not surprised at the suggestion of doing Christmas songs. Collectively, we did think it might put one of the last nails in our “career coffin.” What an incredible surprise that it went the way it did.
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PiercingMetal Talks To Gwynbleidd’s Maciej Kupiszewski

Logo - Gwynbleidd

Artist: Maciej Kupinawski (guitarist/singer for Gwynbleidd)
Label: Black Currant Music
Interview Date:
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

I remember the first time that I heard Gwynbleidd and it was when a friend suggested that I look into them based on their being located in my own hometown of Brooklyn, NY or very close by when it came down to it. The band was just releasing their EP “Amaranthine” and had delivered it to those who would choose to listen on their own dime without any sort of record label funding. The EP was received very well and led to the bands composing and eventually releasing the stunning full-length album “Nostalgia”. The time between the EP and the full-length has been interesting for the guys in the band and recently I sat down with guitarist/death growler/composer Maciej Kupinawski to find out some of the inside mechanics about Gwynbleidd. Below is our full discussion.

PiercingMetal: How long has Gwynbleidd been together and what actually led to the band s formation and to have you push forward on behalf of the Metal genre.

Maciej: Gwynbleidd was first started by Michal and I back in 2002. Adam joined us around late 2004 in preparation for the recording of Amaranthine EP. By beginning of 2006 Gwynbleidd was fully assembled. We have all already had some experience within metal genre before the formation of the band, with other more or less successful projects. Personally I became interested in metal because at the time, and still, I believe that it is the most diverse and unrestrictive genre of music which allows for a lot of creative freedom while making it possible to deliver emotionally strong statements and push the innovation envelope.

PiercingMetal: Let’s talk about the band s actual name “Gwynbleidd”. Is there any special meaning or significance to this and what events about you and the guys guided you to call the band this very mystical sounding name.

Maciej: The band name was borrowed from a book by Andrzej Sapkowski called “Wiedzmin” (the Witcher) which Michal and I were fans of. At the time the book was not as well known as it is today, but now in fact there’s a video game called the Witcher and there was a (not so great) movie made by based on the books as well. As far as the meaning, the name was not chosen for the literal translation but rather for the symbolic values inspired by the book’s tale of the struggle of values and questions of morality. The fight between old and new. Tradition and Innovation. Such struggles we also try to present within our music.
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